Texas Waterfowl-From Field To Table Event


You have not experienced a waterfowl hunt like this before. Not only do you get to experience some of the best waterfowl hunting Texas has to offer but you also have the opportunity to hunt the prehistoric looking Sandhill Crane. Watching these giant birds drop down into a spread of decoys is something you will not soon forget. 

Goose Hunts take place over peanut, maize, playas and wheat fields within easy reach of Haskell. Our ability to hunt the fields the birds are using is why hunting is consistent even to the end of the season. Upon arriving, the guides and party will set out a spread of full body decoys, floaters or silhouettes. We use padded chairs and ghille blankets A-frame or layout blinds to keep you hidden. Hunters do not dig pits. Hunting will take place until noon or limits are reached.

Sandhill Crane take place over both water and fields depending on the best opportunity at hand. We hunt over stuffers and Deception Decoys.

After each hunting session we will return to the lodge and work with our Chef to learn best cleaning practices for both whole bird cleaning and breasting out the birds. 

Each afternoon, Chef will put on a cooking demonstration with different cooking methods and the final evening all guest will participate in a hands on experience  in the kitchen with Chef, followed by a well earned meal that we all harvested, cleaned and prepared ourselves. Dinner will be paired with various local wines or brew from a local micro-brewery. 

What’s Included:

4 nights lodging, all meals, 3 guided hunts, cleaning and butchering clinics, cooking demonstrations by an award winning Chef. Hands on experience in the kitchen with Chef. Wine or Micro Brew pairing. 

Not Included:

License, stamps and gratuities


Very nice lodge with private rooms (double occupancy) and private bath in each room 

Trip Duration:

4 nights/3 days




North of Abilene Texas 45 minutes (Hamlin, TX)

How to get there:

Outdoor Solutions will provide directions.  


Hunting license, Federal and State stamps, Federal Sandhill Crane Permit

Limits: Sandhill Crane 3 per day, Geese 5 per day, Ducks 6 per day (depends on species)

Application Deadline


Arrive January 3 Depart January 7

Fill Out the Form or

Call (918) 258-7817 to Learn More!

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