Next Level (Texas Only)

Next Level 

WHEN: (April 23 To 26 2024)

WHERE: Fly into Lubbock Texas, we are 45 minutes East in Spur Texas

HOW LONG: 3 nights 2 1/2 days

COST: $3475

See More Details Below. 

The next level course is just that. It is designed to take your shooting skills to the “Next Level” after you have taken our level 1 class.

Next Level is designed to put all your level 1 skills to the test and develop new skills with a refresher on our 1000-yard KD range you will spend 1 ½ days of hunting conditions on animal silhouette targets at practical hunting distances.LRSNextLevel 37


Our Newest Texas location features the Southern part of the Cap Rock Canyon, where you will have the opportunity to mimic hunting situations that, could be encountered on a Western style hunt.

Students still have the option to use our rifles and equipment, but we encourage you to bring rifles you would hunt with as well, most students utilize a combination of both.

This is the perfect course to take during the off season. While you will spend some time on the KD Range (Known Distance) utilizing a fixed bench, this will be to used a refresher on MOA, your ballistic app, fine tune basic shooting principles and to verify zero and confirm dope on your rifle out to 1,000 yards.SpurRanchRange 11

We want to spend the majority of the time in the field working field shooting positions, you are likely to encounter on a hunt. We will start with these shooting positions on the KD range before we advance on to the canyon.

Same as our level 1 course you will be paired up with a shooter and swap from shooter to spotter. Our instructor to student ratio remains 1:4, this ensures you are getting the attention you need.

Where Next Level differs from our level 1 is you and your fellow shooting team will take a UTV with 1 instructor and hit the field. The class will break up into 3 groups of 4 students, with an instructor for each group. Each group shooting different stages in different regions of the ranch and then swapping once all targets have been engaged and the learning period is completed.

This style of training creates a intimate learning environment for you, where your questions can be answered, and you can receive the attention you need to prepare you for your next hunt.

You will have the opportunity to maximize shooting positions that work best for your physical abilities and not be forced into situations that you would never use in the field during a hunt.

LRSNextLevel 14





To start the course, you will utilize your gear that you plan on using for your next hunt. This could include but not limited to…

  • Back Pack
  • Binos
  • Range Finder
  • Shooting sticks
  • Shooting bags
  • Rifle
  • Scope
  • Ammo

A member of the OS team will go over your rifle, optic and ammo selection for your personal rifles. If you plan on using your rifles as the primary it either needs to be suppressed or threaded so you can use one of our suppressors.  If you are bringing another rifle just to shoot a few rounds  with we can make arrangements without suppressors. 

This is primarily a 1000 yard class with the focus being on the 400 to 700 yard range.  We will however have targets at 1250, 1550 and yes out to one mile (I know several of you are going to ask me about it.) 🙂 



Here are some of the highlights of the course. Weather may modify some of these but be prepared to shoot regardless of what mother nature throws our way.


  • Rifle and equipment tune up
  • Confirm zero and dope on your rifle or our student gun
  • Shooting from shooting sticks and tripods
  • Shooting from braced positions
  • Shooting from seated positions
  • Shooting from prone
  • Shooting from box blinds
  • Timed shooting conditions
  • Hunting scenario’s
  • Glassing techniques
  • Animal silhouettes with anatomically correct vital sizes made of steel
  • Rifle cleaning and maintenance
  • 1:4 instructor to student ratio.


SpurRanch 14SpurRanch 12SpurRanchRange 4SpurRanch 16SpurRanch 25(2)

This is a brand-new facility, with new cabins being completed now, all the ranges are complete and ready for our first guest to show up and start shooting.

This will eventually be a state-of-the-art facility, where we will not only host our schools but also host industry guest for testing new products, invite media to evaluate the latest in hunting and range gear as well as host other events for hunting and shooting enthusiast. We are excited to share this property with you.


Greg Ray


Outdoor Solutions.

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