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Just like with your kids, you’re not supposed to have a favorite but we have been coming to our Texas location and working with some of the staff since 2005, so we have a long history here and it is truly our home away from home.

You can expect very nice accommodations with large bedrooms, two Queen beds in each and a private bathroom in each. The lodge offers a large common area for socializing and discussing long range shooting at the end of the day.

Our known distance range is just a short 200 yards from the lodge with a range house that can easily accommodate 7 shooters and 7 spotters plus our instructor staff.

Our day two ranges (hunting scenarios) covers small West Texas canyons and shooting from large plateaus, where you will utilize natural terrain, deadfall, shooting from your backpack and shooting sticks. Distances will range from under 100 yards (off hand) to almost 900 yards, with the focus being in the 400 to 600 yard range.

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Long Range Shooting Schools

Want to learn more about our long range shooting schools? Click on the button below. Our courses are designed to build your confidence as a hunters or shooter no matter the experience level.

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