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2024 Texas Level 1 (Hamlin Location) Long Range Shooting Dates $2975 Wild Hog Add On $3600

  • March 22 to 25 or 26th with Hog (only 8 spots)
  • May 9 to 12
  • May 13 to 16 or 17th with hog (only 8 spots)
  • October 9 to 12 or 13th with hog (Only 8 spots)

2024 Texas Next Level  (Spur Location) Long Range Shooting Dates $3475

  • March 26 to 29 (Private Class)
  • April 23 to 26
  • April 27 to 30 (Private Class)

2024 Texas Hunters Prep  (Spur Location)  Dates $1950

  • May 1 to 3
  • May 4 to 6 (Private Class)
  • September 13 to 15

2024 Utah Spring Long Range Shooting Dates $2975

  • June 2 to 5
  • June 6 to 9
  • June 10 to 13


What to expect from our long range shooting classes


West Central Texas,  North East Utah and our newest location West Central Michigan

How to get there:

West Central Texas location is 45 minutes North of Abilene, Texas and 3 hours West of Dallas. Utah location is 45 minutes North East of Salt Lake City. Michigan location is 45 minutes North of Grand Rapids airport Outdoor Solutions team will provide driving directions to each location.  (Airport pick up provided in Utah and Michigan)


All of our facilities are provided by Outdoor Solutions outfitters, who are accustomed to hosting groups. Each lodge provides double occupancy bedrooms with a private bathroom, large common areas for relaxing and discussing the day’s events, class room area for covering the curriculum.


Full home cooked meals are prepared and served by our staff. Drinks are also provided while on the range. We promise you will not leave hungry.

Equipment used:


Since our Level I Long Range shooting class is geared towards hunters, we use hunting gear from our manufacturing partners.  Part of our focus for this Level I class is using all factory gear, from Remington’s Model 700 5-R Gen2 and Benelli’s New Lupo chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor with suppressors from Advanced Armament  to factory ammo from Barnes and quality optics from Zeiss. While custom rifles and hand loaded ammo are nice, they are also expensive. We will show you how to be an effective hunter at extended ranges with the proper factory equipment.  Once on site, students will be transported to the various ranges by side by side ATV or 4×4 pick up.


UTAH General Range 21

Our known distance ranges were built to our specifications and were designed to allow multiple students to have their own shooting lane.  Each location has an enclosed shoot house with concrete floors and custom benches to shoot from.  The known distant ranges have 8 individual shooting lanes with AR 500 steel starting at 300 yards in 100 yard increments out to 1000 yards. Our hunting scenario ranges have multiple stations with each station providing multiple targets at various distances and sizes. Each target provides an opportunity for a different shooting position, utilizing natural terrain, students gear and shooting sticks.  Our Utah location also offers the opportunity for elevation changes during the course.

Day of arrival:

Students should plan on arriving to the lodge around 2pm, this will give you time to check in to your room and prepare for the curriculum starting at 3pm. We will break at 6pm for dinner then complete the review after dinner.  Please keep in mind this is your only formal class room time. We believe in keeping you on the range, learning from doing and not from lecturing.

Day 1: (Not complete curriculum and subject to change)

  • Breakfast 7:00am (Both Days)
  • Range by 8:00am (Both Days)
  • Basic equipment set up
  • Basic shooting techniques and zeroing for 100 and 200 yards
  • Effects of wind, temp and air density
  • Reading wind and mirage
  • Shooter spotter dialogue
  • Spotting Trace
  • Seated Bench Shooting
  • Positional and shooting from sticks

Day 2: (Not complete curriculum and subject to change)

  • Field application of learned skills (Hunting Scenarios)
  • Targets unknown distances
  • Each station is different distance and shooting position
  • Each team will determine range, elevation dial and wind hold
  • Ballistic app use
  • Zeroing students personal rifle (if using)
  • Building range card for personal rifle.
  • Shooting competitions

 Cost: All Regular Classes are $2975

  • Texas Classes with hog hunts $3600 (Includes extra night lodging, meals, 3 guided hunts, 2 meat hogs and boar)


Outdoor  Solutions  Office:

Phone: 918  258 7817

Email: info@outdoorsolutionscorp.com

After spending hard earned money, for a Western Big Game hunt, the last thing you want is to have a trophy of a lifetime walk away because you were not comfortable with the shot, or worse yet, taking the shot and ending up with a wounded animal. We have been sending big game hunters around the globe since 2003 and to help prepare our hunters for the best experience possible, we let them know they need to be prepared to shoot out to 400 yards and further in some cases. The majority of the time, we are met with the same response, “I’ve never shot that far before!” Our schools were created pretty much out of necessity. Our long range shooting classes not only reconfirm shooting basics but teach the fundamentals of proper shooting techniques at extended distances in various shooting positions. More importantly our long range class exposes a shooter’s limitations and the limitations of his or her equipment in the field where it counts, in turn making them a more confident and ethical hunter.

MTN Shooting 3

Outdoor Solutions instructors are highly qualified with years of experience teaching classes and backgrounds in military or law enforcement. Starting in 2012 we founded and ran the Texas and Utah long range classes for the NRA Outdoors program and are now continuing the same great classes under the Outdoor Solutions brand. Most important our instructors are passionate hunters and understand what it takes to be successful in the field.   What you won’t find with Outdoor Solutions long range instructors are attitudes or egos, they truly enjoy teaching and watching our students become proficient shooters at extended ranges. Even though our Level I curriculum is detailed and covers a number of long range principles and techniques, it is taught in a manner that is not overwhelming or confusing. Our small class sizes andIMG 8978 excellent instructor to student ratio, means everyone receives plenty of individual time with an instructor.  No matter your experience level with long range shooting, you will walk away from the class with new found skills that can be applied in the field where it counts. Our unique lodge settings chosen from our network of Outdoor Solutions Outfitters opens access to hundreds of thousands of acres to put you in real hunting scenarios. Small group sizes give everyone the opportunity to spend the next two and half days building camaraderie with fellow like-minded students and instructors.


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Long Range Shooting Schools

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