Choosing the Right Outfitter and Long Range Shooting School

How much do you really know about the outfitter you just booked an outdoor adventure with online or one that you found at a trade show? Have you personally been to their operation or know someone who does? Sure you could check references but do you really think someone is going to offer you references of someone that won’t give a glowing review?

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of choices when it comes to hunting and fishing destinations and schools. How do you know which one is right for you? Each individual outfitter cannot be all things to everyone. Each outfitter has their own specialty and their own niche that they are really good at, finding the one that is a perfect fit for you is the challenge.

We have the Solution

This is where Outdoor Solutions comes in; we solve these issues for you. Time and money are two of your most valuable resources and if you are like us you cannot afford to waste either one.  Here is what we do for you…

First and foremost, we do all the legwork for you and we do it for free! After a brief consultation to determine your priorities and preferences, think along the lines of species preference, location, trophy expectations, accommodation preference, budget, any physical limitations, even matching personalities with your outfitter.

Once these preferences are determined, the Outdoor Solutions staff can usually offer two or three destinations that meet your criteria. After you’ve had time to review your choices we will help with the final decision in finding the outfitter that is perfect for you.  Now you get to sit back relax and let us go to work for you. We will help you secure your dates, take care of required deposits, help with the process of securing any tags and license that may be needed.

Now the hard part is waiting for your adventure date to arrive! While we are waiting, our team will make sure your travel arrangements are completed and your outfitter knows exactly what time to expect you.

Gear selection, we are equally passionate about the gear we choose for each individual trip as we are about our pursuits in the great outdoors. We are fortunate enough to partner with some great companies that offer some of the best gear available on the market.

We don’t just book your trip and then wish you best of luck. We will check in with you one to two weeks prior to your trip, to make sure you have everything you need and are ready to go, plus we follow up with each client after their trip to ensure that all expectations were met and hopefully here a story about the one that did NOT get away! 

Long Range Shooting School

One of our other services through Outdoor Solutions is our long-range school, if you are planning a big game hunt and are not confident in shooting out to 400 plus yards, you should consider looking into one of our long range schools in either Texas or Utah. You can find more information on our schools at www.outdoorsolutionscorp.com/schools

Where It All Started

Our journey in the outdoor industry started in 2003 with an outdoor destination franchise company based out of Kansas. We had originally purchased the franchise as an opportunity to fund our outdoor habit and travel to some new destinations.  By 2005 our franchise earned the titles of Rookie of the Year and Franchise of the year, first time this had been done in the company’s history!

Through our dedication of customer service we were able to grow our customer base of repeat clients that allowed us to go fulltime in the hunting and fishing industry by 2006.  We continued to grow our business under the franchise model until 2012, when we went out on our own and partnered with the NRA to create NRA Outdoors as an NRA Affinity Partner.  We have been very grateful for the past 6 years we spent being part of the NRA and even though we have ventured back out on our own under the Outdoor Solutions brand, we continue to support the NRA in their efforts to defend our Second Amendment.

We’ve Been There

Working in the hunting and fishing destination industry since 2003 the Outdoor Solutions team understands what it takes to put together successful hunting and fishing adventures. We are not just a large list of outfitters that have not been personally vetted. In fact we are closer to the opposite, we are a small, very personalized, outdoor adventure service with select outfitters from around the globe that understands what customer service means. We will not send you to a destination just to send you, if we do not have a perfect match for you, we will let you know.

The majority of our outfitters have been with us since our beginning and have been personally visited by our team, giving us firsthand knowledge of our destinations that we can pass along to you, our client.

Our clients say that our customer service is what sets us apart from others in the industry. From our initial consultation where we determine the best options that meet your criteria, to help with travel options, offering expert advice on proper gear for your specific adventure and finally a personal follow up call once you’ve returned home.

We look forward to the opportunity in helping you plan your next Outdoor Adventure.

Hear what people have to say about Outdoor Solutions!

We’ve done a couple trips with Outdoor Solutions. They know what they are talking about, they’ve been there. I would recommend them to anybody. 

Keith Yourman

They understand what I need and they understand what the outfitters can provide…

Josh Ward

I killed my first mountain lion with Outfitter Solutions… They’ve done the work for you. They have credible sources and you’ll have a ball. 

Debbi Le Gette

The experience, the instructors, the hands on stuff just blew my mind…

Tim Redmond

Long Range Shooting School

Want to learn more about our long range shooting schools? Click on the button below. Our courses are designed to build your confidence as a hunters or shooter no matter your experience level.

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