TX-3SB Texas Hogs, Coyotes and Bobcats


With over a 100,000 acres to hunt this is one of Outdoor Solutions largest ranches to hunt. If you’re looking to hunt hogs this is the place to go, they seem to have an endless supply.

They also have numerous places to chase big mature Toms during turkey season. As far as whitetail deer goes, we are very impressed with their management program, even though they have such a large property, they still closely monitor the number of mature bucks taken each year.

What’s Included:

Lodging Meals, Guide, Game Prep

Not Included:

License, Gratuities


3 bedroom bunk house, with two bathrooms, large living room and kitchen. Both the mess hall where all meals are served and the game room are in separate buildings close to the bunk house.

Trip Duration:


3 day hunt unlimited hogs, coyotes and bobcats




Benjamin Texas

How to get there:

Right off Highway 82 through Wichita Falls, Tx or Lubbock, Tx (Outdoor Solutions will provide directions. )


$48 5 day license covers it all

Application Deadline

  No application required, license can be purchased online or at any Wal Mart in Texas


Open Season

Fill Out the Form or

Call (918) 258-7817 to Learn More!

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