BC-1 British Columbia Spot and Stalk Black Bear


When you first meet our BC outfitter you will know right away that he is the real deal. One of the best tests for a good outfitter is seeing clients that came back empty handed on their hunt and immediately rebook for the following year. The Outdoor Solutions crew travels to see BC as much as possible to hunt with these guys when you leave you will know that every possible effort was made to get you on your animal.

When it comes to black bear this is one of our favorite places to go, there are plenty of bears, they are big and it’s spot and stalk, so you have the opportunity to see lots of country.  During our last visit we have 6 hunters in camp and took home 6 bears, with each of seeing on an average of over 10 bears per day. This is a two bear limit so if you choose, for an extra fee you can take a second bear

What’s Included:

Airport pick up, meals, lodging, 5 days of guided hunting, field prep and trophy care

Not Included:

License, tags, GST (tax) gratuities BC Hunter Preservation Fund


Will range from tent camp, to cabins, to their lodge

Trip Duration:

5 days of hunting


2×1, 5 day spring black bear hunt:  $4500 + tax

1×1, 5 day spring black bear hunt:  $5500 + tax


North East of Prince George

How to get there:

Fly into Prince George BC where the outfitter will pick you up


$180 License, $250 Moose Tag, $180 Black Bear,

Application Deadline


Early May through first week of June

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Call (918) 258-7817 to Learn More!

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