ID-3RP Idaho Black Bear Hunt


This is a back country cabin based bear hunt in the famous Bitter root Mountain Range of Idaho.   All hunts are baited, with a few tree stand set ups, but mostly ground blinds.   These are mountain bears with a fairly long hibernation time frame.   These bears may be more slender than the Northern “flat land” bears.   However, this area is known for lots of color phase bears, ranging from black, cinnamon, chocolate, blonde, etc.

What’s Included:

Lodging (cabins), Meals, Guide, Game Prep

Not Included:

Tags, license, tax and gratuities


Bunk cabins that sit next to the cook cabin.  All cabins have wood stoves.

Trip Duration:

5 full day hunts (7 calendar days incl. arrive and depart days)


1 bear hunt – $2,500/         2 bear hunt (Unit 10) – $3,500


Units 7 and 10/   St. Joe and Lolo Regions

How to get there:

Fly into Missoula, MT airport, rent a vehicle


Appx $200 for license/tag     Idaho Tax:  9% in this area

Application Deadline


Appx  May 15 – June 15

Fill Out the Form or

Call (918) 258-7817 to Learn More!

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