NF-1AO Newfoundland Moose Hunts


When you first meet our Newfoundland outfitter you will know right away that he is genuine, and as solid as you’ll find.   This is a smaller, more personal operation – known as being very accommodating to every hunter’s needs, and very well organized!   The feedback from folks who have hunted here is very high, and consistent…with success rates over 90%, and opportunity rates near 100%.     These packages are turn key/ all inclusive, other than tips/gratuities (taking the logistics, total out of pocket cost –confusion out of it)! 

What’s Included:

–Airport/hotel pick up/drop off –from Deer Lake, NL (2 ½ hr drive) to Hawke’s Bay, load up and depart in helo’s.  30-45 minute flight to camps/tent camps. 

–meals and lodging 

–6 days of guided hunting- 2×1 

–quartering, field prep and trophy care 

— helicopter flights into and out of the backcountry, 

— including flight getting your moose or caribou out 

— license, tag, HPF 

— Canada GST sales taxes, etc.! 

Not Included:

–2 nights hotel stay in Deer Lake –before and after the hunt.   

 –Gratuities/tips, taxidermy, meat processing, any shipping back home, etc. 

–1×1 upgrade of $1,500 –if you choose a 1×1 personal guide. 


Can vary from tent camp, to cabin – either way, all locations are only accessed by helicopter! Outdoor Solutions team will make sure you are prepared based on which camp you are hunting.   

Trip Duration:

6 days of huntingHunts are from Sunday afternoon to Sunday afternoon – Sundays are typically ½ day hunt and helicopter travel days – to and from the backcountry, and back into Deer Lake  This is similar to Alaska – as in weather dependent for the aircraft. 


OPTION 1:    $10,500/person –Cabin based moose hunt 2×1, 6 day moose hunt:   – accessed by helicopter.  Cabins have hot water, shower, and toilet.   4 bedrooms and a place to cook. 


OPTION 2:   $14,900/person –Tent camp, drop hunt 2×1 – 6 day moose hunt.  More remote backcountry tent hunt, typically larger bulls, further away, but less walking, as you’re in tents, already in the prime remote areas- more helicopter flying time is involved with this expedition.  This is a hunt where you stay more mobile. Also includes additional helicopter flight to get your moose/caribou out immediately after harvest.


Great Northern Peninsula – Newfoundland  

How to get there:

–You’ll fly directly into Deer Lake, NL (airport code:  YDF).  Get hotel for the night.  The next morning, you’ll be picked up by outfitter and drive North to Hawke’s Bay – where you’ll board your helicopter and be flown in a backcountry camp!   Typically arrive at camp between 10 am and noon, and start your hunt that afternoon! 

–When your hunt is over, they’ll helicopter you back to Hawke’s Bay, and drive you back to Deer Lake, you get a hotel for the night and fly out the next morning, to start your trip back home. 


These are included in the packageOutfitter has them when you arrive! 

Application Deadline


–Limited number of guaranteed tags, allotted to the outfitter! 

–Passport is required 

–We provide your border crossing forms (909 and 4457) 

–Cannot have a prior felony –you’ll be turned away at Canadian Customs

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