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Mountain Lion Corporate Retreat Opportunities From Outdoor Solutions

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These are all locations that we have personally vetted and picked, and work closely with throughout each year.   We communicate all details/logistics and make the process smooth for our clients and the outfitters.  We assist with all licenses/tags, gear lists, logistics, etc.. 

We know that once you decide on booking a group, you’ll feel pressure hoping everything goes smoothly and everyone has great feedback.   That’s why we do what we do.   We know this is very important for you and your clients, and building closer relationships while on these trips together…is a priority.

Some of these options have 5 star lodges/food and that’s their specialty.   Whereas others have 5 star service in their field, but may be lodged in more rustic cabins or traditional elk hunt style wall tents with cots and wood stoves.   This is where we come in- and discuss your needs/preferences, and get you the best options to review and then go over them with you and answer any questions you may have.

 Another thing with us…you can always get in touch with us, and we’re your contact for any and all trips that you’ll have scheduled – so communication is fast and simple.


Check out all our Mountain Lion Opportunities.

Idaho Mountain Lion Trip #1


This is a lodge based mountain lion hunt with special attention to each hunter.   Either 1 or 2 hunters at a time for a full 7 day hunt!   This is a high success hunt with mature lions being harvested, and only 6 hunters total for the entire Winter! 

What’s Included: Lodging (lodge), Meals, Guide, Game Prep

Not Included: Tags, license, tax and gratuities

Accommodations: 2-story lodge, where the entire lower story is furnished and decked out for the hunters! All meals are served upstairs, or wherever you feel most comfortable.

Trip Duration: 7-day hunts (9 calendar days, pack in/ pack out)

Cost: $6,500 – guided 1×1

Location: Salmon Region of Idaho, close to Salmon and Gibbonsville

How to get there: Fly into Missoula, MT airport, rent a vehicle for the 2 hour drive to lodge (base camp).

Tags/License: Appx $350.00 license/tag     Idaho Tax:  7% in this area   

Application Deadline

Season: Dec – Feb

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Utah Mountain Lion Trip #1


One of the most exciting hunts we have been on in a long time!  What sets this outfitter apart from the rest, is the fact that we were hunting in mid May with temperatures reaching the mid to upper 60′s at 8000 plus feet and snow had been melted off for some time now.

 In fact, our outfitter and his dogs prefer hunting dry ground, this may make it harder to spot fresh tracks, but their   20 plus years of lion hunting experience more than make up for the lack of snow.   

They also utilize modern technology to keep up with their hounds. GPS mapping units offer an exciting opportunity for the hunter to actually be a part of the chase and get a perspective of the rolls individual dogs play during a chase. They currently have forty hounds.  During any particular hunt there could be as many as four packs of hounds with guides searching for fresh lion sign.

What’s Included: Hounds, lunch, Guide service, Game Prep

Not Included: License, lodging, evening meals, Gratuities

Accommodations: Outfitter usually utilizes local motels, depending on the area you are hunting.  Lunch is up on the mountain and dinner is on your own in the evenings

Trip Duration: 5 full day hunts

Cost: $6500

Location: Southern Utah and Western Nevada

How to get there: In most cases you will fly into Las Vegas and then meet the outfitter in St. George, UT

Tags/License: Approximately $300      

Application Deadline: OTC

Season: November to April

TB Lion3 TB Hounds Treed TB Lion Snarl


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