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New Mexico Elk/Mule Deer Combo


BL Elk2If there are awards handed out for positive attitudes this outfitter would win, hands down! We love hunting with Eddie and his crew, he is always positive and always confident in his abilities to get you on game. With only 4 hunters per camp, you can always count on personalized attention and be confident that you are hunting an area that is not over hunted. This is a great opportunity for a true combo hunt with a good probability of having an opportunity at both species. (Learn More)




Utah High Success Elk Very Nice Lodge

Justin RK Elk

One of Outdoor Solutions best ran, most organized outfitters. From the moment you are picked up at the airport until it’s time to go back home, you know you have been in good hands and you have more than likely been on one of the best hunts you’ve ever been on. (Read More)

High Success Budget Friendly Colorado Elk Hunt

Sullivan Bros Elk

One of Outdoor Solutions highest positive feedback from clients outfitter in our lineup. This family operates their archery, muzzle loader, rifle, deer, elk and bear hunts on private lands and under special use permits issued by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management encompassing over 50,000 acres. (Read More)


Budget Friendly High Success Idaho Black Bear Hunt

RussellPond Bear LindseyOne of Outdoor Solutions most popular black bear hunts. Not only is it easy on the pocket book but the success is very high as well! This is a back country cabin based bear hunt in the famous Bitter root Mountain Range of Idaho.  

All hunts are baited, with a few tree stand set ups, but mostly ground blinds.   These are mountain bears with a fairly long hibernation time frame.   These bears may be more slender than the Northern “flat land” bears.   However, this area is known for lots of color phase bears, ranging from black, cinnamon, chocolate, blonde, etc. LEARN MORE

Clients Were 100% On Spot and Stalk Black Bear For 2018

BCO Bear

When you first meet our BC outfitter you will know right away that he is the real deal. One of the best tests for a good outfitter is seeing clients that came back empty handed on their hunt and immediately re-book for the following year. (Read More)



Manitoba Black Bear and Fishing Combo

Jackson Outpost Bear

Manitoba Black Bear

Only accessible by float plane, you will be in some of Manitoba’s most remote country, with very little pressure on the bears when it comes to hunting. You will enjoy the solitude and soak up the scenery while you are on the water fishing for Northern Pike or in a tree stand looking for that trophy bear.  (Read More)



New Long Range School Dates Texas and Utah 2019

Utah Spring 2019

  • June 6 to 9
  • June 9 to 12

Texas Spring 2019

  • March 18 to 21
  • March 21 to 24

Outdoor Solutions Office: 918 258 7817

Our long range classes not only reconfirm shooting basics but teach the fundamentals of proper shooting techniques at extended distances in various shooting positions. More importantly our long range class exposes a shooter’s limitations and the limitations of his or her equipment in

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Our Most Successful Mountain Lion Hunt

TB Lion Snarl

One of the most exciting hunts we have been on in a long time!  What sets this outfitter apart from the rest, is the fact that we were hunting in mid May with temperatures reaching the mid to upper 60′s at 8000 plus feet and snow had been melted off for some time now. Prime hunting time from now through March. (More details)



Merriams, Rios, Easterns and Osceolas



LW Turkey4Outdoor Solutions has you covered when it comes to turkey hunts. Whether you’re just looking for a good turkey hunt or wanting to complete a slam, we have multiple choices for each species and will be happy to set you up with one of our outfitters. Give us a call 918 258 7817 or shoot us an email info@outdoorsolutionscorp.com 



Montana Mule Deer 100% 2018 (Antelope Combo Option)

TP Mule Deer4

We have been 100% on mule deer with this outfitter for several years now, including going 8 for 10 on day one in 2017 with the largest deer scoring in the 170’s! We fill this camp every year, spots will not last long! (Read More)



Wyoming Antelope 100% 2018 (Mule Deer Combo Options)

IMG 0923

There are numerous reasons to hunt with this outfitter, below are a few. They are a family ran operation and you will be made to feel like part of the family. They have been in operation since the early 90’s and have had 1000’s of acres under long term leases for years. (Learn More)


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