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Outdoor Solutions From Field To Table Event


DSC04357We believe there is no one more connected to their food than hunters. We plan from the very beginning on how to put ourselves in a position  to harvest our game, all the way to how to prepare it in our kitchen, with numerous steps in between.
Now through Outdoor Solutions Culinary Events its time to step up you game! No more second guessing your shot placement on your game, no more wondering how to butcher select cuts and best of all no more throwing some butter in a pan and frying every cut of meat!
With Outdoor Solutions and other industry professionals, you will learn the entire process from proper shot placement, all the way to how to prepare restaurant quality meals in your own kitchen. (Full Details) 




Best Hog Hunt In Texas


SB Hog4With over a 100,000 acres to hunt this is one of Outdoor Solutions largest ranches to hunt. If you’re looking to hunt hogs this is the place to go, they seem to have an endless supply.
They also have numerous places to chase big mature Toms during turkey season. As far as whitetail deer goes, we are very impressed with their management program, even though they have such a large property, they still closely monitor the number of mature bucks taken each year.  (Full Details) 

Upland Hunt With Exhibition Shooter Tim Bradley


2016 10 01 01.52.23We had a group of three that had to cancel last minute so we have spots open for 3 lucky hunters.  This event sells out a year in advance every year.

Outdoor Solutions has been hosting this event since 2012, with many of the hunters coming back every year. This is not only one of the most scenic upland hunts you will be on but also one of the most memorable. Spending a couple of days with Tim and the Outdoor Solutions team makes this event one of a kind.
Not only does Tim put on his exhibition show but also hunts in the field with each group of hunters. We will apologize in advance for his jokes, they are really pretty bad!  (Full Details) 


Utah and Nevada Mountain Lion


TB Lion SnarlOne of the most exciting hunts we have been on in a long time! What sets this outfitter apart from the rest, is the fact that we were hunting in mid May with temperatures reaching the mid to upper 60′s at 8000 plus feet and snow had been melted off for some time now.
In fact, our outfitter and his dogs prefer hunting dry ground, this may make it harder to spot fresh tracks, but their 20 plus years of lion hunting experience more than make up for the lack of snow.  (Full Details) 




Idaho Mountain Lion


CD ID Mountain LionThis is a lodge based mountain lion hunt with special attention to each hunter. Either 1 or 2 hunters at a time for a full 7 day hunt! This is a high success hunt with mature lions being harvested, and only 6 hunters total for the entire Winter! (Full Details) 




Texas Combo Whitetail, Wild Hogs, Javelina 


3This hunt takes place on a well known free range South Texas ranch, located near La Pryor, Texas. This is in the area that some call the “Golden Triangle” of South Texas…lots of moisture where the bucks grow huge.26
This ranch is known for it’s intense wildlife management practices with a full time biologist who has been on this ranch for appx 18 years! When our staff was on this ranch, we saw numerous bucks every day, with some in the B & C class for sure! (Full Details)




2 Spots Left For Last Class of 2019!

Texas Fall Dates:

  • October 23 to 27 (Sold Out)
  • October 27 to 30 (2 Spots)

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