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Outdoor Solutions Culinary Event


DSC04357We believe there is no one more connected to their food than hunters. We plan from the very beginning on how to put ourselves in a position  to harvest our game, all the way to how to prepare it in our kitchen, with numerous steps in between.
Now through Outdoor Solutions Culinary Events its time to step up you game! No more second guessing your shot placement on your game, no more wondering how to butcher select cuts and best of all no more throwing some butter in a pan and frying every cut of meat!
With Outdoor Solutions and other industry professionals, you will learn the entire process from proper shot placement, all the way to how to prepare restaurant quality meals in your own kitchen. (Full Details) 




Over Looked Trophy Whitetail State

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The Outdoor Solutions Team may be a little biased but we believe our home state of Oklahoma is one of the most overlooked states when it comes to trophy whitetail. One of our outfitters is in a prime location with river bottoms, deep draws and plenty of agriculture for these bruisers to grow big! The other great thing about hunting Oklahoma whitetail is the price tag, for what you get in opportunity as compared to some of the better known states that dig deeper in your wallet.

We have personally been hunting with this outfitter for years and know what his properties produce! For more details, click here or call the office at 918 258 7817 or email info@outdoorsolutionscorp.com 




New Mexico Mule Deer-Small Camps

BL Mule Deer4If there are awards handed out for positive attitudes this outfitter would win, hands down! We love hunting with Eddie and his crew, he is always positive and always confident in his abilities to get you on game. With only 4 hunters per camp, you can always count on personalized attention and be confident that you are hunting an area that is not over hunted.

Mule deer hunts are conducted with landowner tags and are primarily spot and stalk. While we do take some great trophies from this area, clients should expect a good representative of the species.
Ranches are over 60,000 acres in units 41 and 42 (Read More)




Budget Friendly East Coast Deer/Hog Combo

RBL Deer3Our South Carolina outfitter has been outfitting since 1998 and we have worked with them since 2006. They are located in the heart of one of the most pristine regions in the United States, the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

What’s Included:

1 buck/1 hog per sitting, one doe per day (after September 15) lodging, meals, guide service, field transportation, game tracking/retrieval, game dressing and cooling, trophy care 

  • 2 Day $1200
  • 3 Day $1800
  • 4 Day $2400

(Read More)


Can’t Wait Until September To Hunt?

TC AxisThe Axis rut is on in South Texas in July and August! Yes, it’s hot but where else are you going to find free ranging Axis bucks in the rut?! Outdoor Solutions team members make multiple trips South to do their personal hunts with this outfitter every year and there are good reasons we keep going back!

This hunt takes place on a 16,000 acre private ranch, located near Del Rio, Texas. With the amount of cover, variety of terrain, good grazing pastures along with a solid management program, the fair chase exotic hunt is one of few that is not high fence.

(Full Details)


Montana Trophy Antelope and Prairie Dog Combo

Our most popular antelope hunt!

LW MT Antelope 300x227This is an Outdoor Solutions exclusive. We have the privilege of hunting antelope on the Crow reservation, where trophy bucks are taken every year. For the past 4 years our clients have been 100% opportunity and the only hunters going home empty handed were the ones that had multiple misses. In addition to the great antelope hunting, hunters get to set up on prairie dog towns after they have taken their antelope and help control the population.

Arrive 10/01/19 —- Depart 10/05/19 – 3 spots
–Arrive 10/11/19 —– Depart 10/15/19 – 4 spots  (Read More)

2019 Long Range School New Texas Dates Added!

Texas Fall Dates:

  • October 23 to 27 (Sold Out)
  • October 27 to 30 (8 Spots)

Outdoor Solutions Office: 918 258 7817

Our long range classes not only reconfirm shooting basics but teach the fundamentals of proper shooting techniques at extended distances in various shooting positions. More importantly our long range class exposes a shooter’s limitations and the limitations of his or her equipment in

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