Texas Long Range Shooting Schools | Not Just instructors

Are you looking for a Texas long range shooting schools where the instructors actually understand hunting? Outdoor solutions long-range shooting school instructors not only have been instructing for many years but also have been hunting around the world for many years. Our instructors spend many days hunting out West and understand what it takes to build a get comfortable and just need to build a make the shot. We learned over the years that there are many different tricks that can be applied to getting steady including using using shooting sticks but also by using small objects such as a rear shooting pad that you can keep in your backpack that can help keep your shooting arm steady.

Some of our instructors have worked in the hunting industry for almost 16 years and have encountered almost any type of experience you can encounter while hunting. We are able to bring this experience to our Texas long range shooting schools and pass them along to you the student. One of the other great things about our Texas long range shooting schools is that we actually use real hunting gear and not expensive custom-made rifles that require hand loads. Our rifle of choice comes from the Weatherby factory we utilize their Vanguard series as well as their Accu mark series. For level I class which is and use caliber of 6.5 creedmoor, we found that it is the best ballistic option that only for shooting out to 1000 yards but also because of the number of rounds that we go through per class the recoil is easy to manage.

Even though we’re teaching you how to shoot out to 1000 yards during day one of our two day class does not mean that were advocating shooting animals out to that out to 1000 yards. What we are doing for students is extending their ethical shooting range when most students come to us their longest shot has been no more than 200 yards but when they travel out west shooting distances can be at 400 yards and sometimes even further. So my taking our Texas long range shooting schools now that they know how to shoot out to 1000 yards when that 400 yard shop presents itself out West they know exactly what to do and it seems like a much easier shot for them.

On day two of her level I class we actually put our students to hunting scenarios that they are sure to encounter when out in the field. We utilize half a dozen different stations with three targets on each station, all representing a different shooting position and at different distances. Also for day to the targets are much smaller than they were on day one when students were shooting out to 1000 yards, hence the reason that we call day two ” frustration day”. Some of them positions include prone shooting off your backpack, using natural terrain to your advantage, utilizing sometimes more than one pair of shooting sticks, and one of the harder shots on the field standing offhand.

One of our favorite things about our long-range shooting classes is after the students have taken the class and they go off on their next hunting adventure and give us a call or shoot us an email with pictures of animals that they hunted and shot at distances that they never would have considered shooting before. Our classes are small and very limited space so if you like to consider coming to one of our long-range shooting schools give outdoor solutions a call at 918-258-7817.

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