Texas Long Range Shooting Schools | The Matter of Fact Response

Have you been thinking about learning to shoot further? Have you done any research to find where to for instruction? It can be overwhelming but fortunately Outdoor Solutions has the answer with their Texas Long Range Shooting Schools. Located just North of Abilene Texas on a 6000 acre facility the Outdoor Solutions team offers some of the finest long range instruction available to help prepare you for your next hunt, competition or just to help you shoot better at the range. Hearing the steel ring at one thousand yards and understanding why you hit it is a feeling you will not forget.

Everyone talks about customer service and how good they are at it but at their Texas Long Range Shooting Schools, Outdoor Solutions really delivers. From the first time you speak with someone on the phone at the office, to being prepped with your gear list and what to expect and then finally arriving at the 6000 acre facility and the lodge where you are greeted by the staff, the Outdoor Solutions team is with you every step of the way. Once you are on the range you will notice how attentive the instructors are and with only two students per instructor you are ensured to have plenty of one on one time with your instructor to help any questions you might have or to help you with an area you are having trouble with.

One of the things that a good number of people do not know about Outdoor Solutions is that not only do we offer our Texas Long Range Shooting Schools but we also offer hunting trips and fishing trips from around the globe. So not only can we prepare you for your hunting trip out West but we can also set you up with outfitters from our network that we have worked with for almost sixteen years. We have actually personally hunted with everyone of our outfitters and can offer firsthand experience on each one, so instead of going in somewhere blind you are actually hunting with an outfitter that has personally been vetted by the Outdoor Solutions team. Not only do we help you with the outfitter but we also help you prepare a very detailed gear list, help make taxidermy recommendations and even meat processing.

The Outdoor Solutions team and line up are different than any other company you will deal with, not only do we set you up with first class facilities, equipment and instructors at our Texas Long Range Shooting Schools but we understand what it takes to be successful on the hunt that you are preparing for. We have been there, done that. It doesn’t matter if you are going out West to hunt elk, mule deer, and antelope or if you are going to Africa to hunt plains game for the first time. Our team knows how to prepare you for any kind of hunting trip so that you will be successful and not come home empty handed. Be sure to visit with the staff about your next adventure and they will customize the class to fit your hunting needs while at our facilities.

Classes are small at our Texas location so they tend to fill up very quick. We pair everyone up in teams so if you have a buddy you want to bring or maybe your father, son, daughter or spouse you will be working with someone you know or if you come on your own we will pair you up with another person that came on their own and you are sure to make fast friends with having the same thing in common. Since the Outdoor Solutions team provides everything, you can show up with eye and ear protection plus a small day pack and travel light. Spots are very limited due to our small class size so be sure to give us a call before all the spots are taken. We are now taking reservations for the 2019 season, starting in March. You can reach Outdoor Solutions by calling 918 258 7817

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