Texas Long Range Shooting Schools| Value That’s Full of Truth

Are you really getting what you are paying for? You found several Texas Long Range Shooting Schools with a cost under one thousand dollars; but do you know what you are getting for that one thousand dollars? How many days of instruction is that for? Do you have to provide your own firearm and ammo? Where will you stay in between classes or is this just a one day class? What about your meals; are there restaurants nearby? How large are the classes and how many instructors will they have for each class? These and other questions are things you need to know before making a decision. Outdoor Solutions Texas Long Range School also address each one of these questions and has answers for each one as well.

Just because a class is cheaper does not necessarily mean it is a better value. Our Texas Long Range Shooting Schools makes sure you have everything you need to have a successful class and to ensure that you will be able to hit the one thousand yard target multiple times all while understanding how you got there. We will give you the option of using all of our gear, including ammo or if you would like to bring your own firearm and optic that will be fine as well, as long as it fits within the required parameters of the way we teach the class. If you bring your own firearm you will need to provide your own ammo as well since there are so many different calibers available we would not be able to stock all brands and calibers.

By attending our Texas Long Range Shooting School you will receive the best value possible when it come to long range shooting. You will receive two full days of range time instruction plus your classroom time on the day of your arrival. No more looking for hotels or wondering if they are acceptable or having to stay in a bunkhouse situation with 10 other guys all staying in the same room. With our schools you will not have to worry about looking for restaurants in the area since our facility has a commercial kitchen and a full time staff to run it, all meals will be provided for you. Class sizes are also kept to a very manageable size so that students receive plenty of one on one time with their instructor.

With Outdoor Solutions Texas Long Range Shooting Schools, you have the best of both worlds. Not only do you have instructors that have taught some our countries most elite soldiers and SWAT teams from around the globe but you also have access to members of our team that have hunted all around the globe, including the Western parts of North America where your shooting distance can extend out beyond five hundred yards. The Outdoor Solutions team has been there done that and now they are passing their knowledge and experiences along to students in the form of our three night and two day long range shooting schools.

When you add up what all is included in Outdoor Solutions Texas Long Range Shooting Schools,we are without a debt one of the best values available. With three nights lodging, all your meals provided, two full days of instruction from some of the most elite instructors available, top quality hunting rifles from Weatherby, quality optics and ammo from Hornaday we did not leave anything for you to worry about, it is all included and without a doubt the best value in the long range shooting world. Our class room size is small with very limited space. Give us a call before classes are full.

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