Long Range Shooting Schools|Prepared For Longer Shots

We have heard people ask, why go to long range shooting schools, if you can not get within one hundred or two hundred yards of your game then you are not hunting, you are just shooting a live target. While opinions will vary dramatically from one side to the other, almost like Republicans and Democrats, the fact remains that every hunting situation is unique. What if five hundred yards is the closest you were ever going to get to a particular animal and if you did not take the shot it meant missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime? This has happened to numerous hunters over the years including myself. If this is the only shot you have, it is still hunting but you owe it to the animal and to yourself to be able to take an ethical shot and kill the animal cleanly.

This is where Outdoor Solutions Long Range Shooting Schools comes in. Just because we teach you how to shoot out to distances of one thousand yards on our level one long range shooting schools, does not mean we advocate shooting animals out to one thousand yards. In fact, we discourage it because most hunters do not have the equipment, knowledge or skill set to pull off an ethical shot at that distance every time, there are too many variables. What we do however, is teach you to shoot out to those distances so when an opportunity comes up at a shorter distance but still further than you were previously comfortable, you know exactly what to do, know what your equipment is capable of and know what your limitations are. This in turn will make you a more confident and a more ethical hunter, resulting in cleaner one shot kills and less likely to wound an animal.

Students at the Outdoor Solutions Long Range Shooting Schools spend three nights and two and a half days of time with us at one of our private facilities in either Texas or Utah. Our classes are kept small so that each student is guaranteed plenty of one on one time with their instructor. By starting with the basics at one hundred yards and walking students out to one thousand yards in one hundred yard increments, students are able to discover at what distances they are proficient at and where they need to spend more time practicing. Instructors also stay on site, hold a debriefing each evening to let the students discuss what went right for them and where they needed help. We have found this has been a very effective tool for our students.

One of our most recent students attended class at our Texas location and immediately left for Utah to join one of Outdoor Solutions approved outfitters for a mule deer hunt. Our student was one of the fortunate few to have first day success and not at the typical four hundred to five hundred yard distances. He was able to get within one hundred and seventy yards of his mule deer before he took the shot. Even though this is considered a chip shot by mule deer hunting standards, with the increased heart rate, increased adrenaline pump and over all excitement, he still knew exactly what to do and he said his training kicked in to allow for a perfect shot, by dropping the deer right where he stood.

If you are looking for more knowledge and want to learn more, please consider Outdoor Solutions.  Our instructors are some of the most knowledgeable around but at the same time explain long range shooting in a manner that is easy to understand and easy to remember. Outdoor Solutions offer the use of Weatherby rifles with Zeiss optics, Hornady ammunition and accessories from Caldwell Shooting Supplies and BogPod. In addition you will not have to worry about finding a hotel or restaurants in the area, since Outdoor Solutions has teamed up with our outfitters to provide lodging and meals during the course. All of this is included in the cost of the school.

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