AK-3AA Alaska Brown Bear


There is nothing that compares to an Alaskan hunt. Especially when stalking one of the most efficient predators on the planet. With years of experience our outfitter will provide a world class, safe and epic hunt. 

Hunts are conducted on Chichagof Island (GMU 4) and in a GMU 1 which covers areas just North and South of Juneau, AK.  Hunts are conducted from either a 45′ fishing vessel with sleeping quarters or very comfortable seaside cabins. 

Flat bottom river boats are used as the main transportation to travel up various salmon streams and rivers. Days will be spent glassing for bears and running salmon run rivers looking for big bears. 

This outfitter has a reputation for a high success rate on big bears and seeing a good number of bears each day. 

What’s Included:

All meals in camp, lodging, either boat or cabin based. Trophy care and game prep. 

Not Included:

Flights to Juneau, Hunting License $170, Brown Bear Tag, $1000,  $800 $1100 round trip charter fee for bush/ float plane


Cabin or Boat based

Trip Duration:

10 days of hunting




Juneau, AK (Chichagof Island)

How to get there:

Fly direct to Juneau and OS/Outfitter will help with arrangements with float plane


Brown Bear Tag $1.000 Hunting License, $160

Application Deadline


Early May Early September

Fill Out the Form or

Call (918) 258-7817 to Learn More!

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