Texas – Multiple Species


This hunt takes place on a well-known free range South Texas ranch, located near La Pryor, Texas.  This is in the area that some call the “Golden Triangle” of South Texas…lots of moisture where the bucks grow huge. This ranch is known for it’s intense wildlife management practices with a full time biologist who has been on this ranch for appx 18 years!  When our staff was on this ranch, we saw numerous bucks every day, with some in the B & C class for sure!

What’s Included: 

Lodging (ranch house), Meals, Guide, Game Prep

Not Included: 

License, Gratuities


Ranch house sits on the 6,000 acre ranch.

Trip Duration: 

4 day hunts (5 calendar days)


Whitetail/Hog Combo Hunt Fair chase

–$4,500 – 1 trophy buck up to 145”, 1 cull buck, 2 does, 1 javelina, 2 hogs

–$5,750 –1 trophy buck up to 160”, 1 cull buck, 2 does, 1 javelina, 2 hogs


La Pryor, Texas

How to get there: 

Fly into San Antonio airport, get a rental vehicle for the appx 1 ½ hour drive to the ranch.   Contact Outdoor Solutions for driving directions.


$350.00.   Covers all deer, hogs, javelina

Application Deadline: 

No application required, license can be purchased online or at any Wal Mart in Texas


October – January

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