NM-5NMHA Well Established New Mexico Elk Outfitter


Lifelong New Mexico resident and longtime outfitter, this outfitter knows where to find the bulls in North Central New Mexico.  The units they hunt have resident elk, so you are not reliant upon the migration.

You can expect bulls to range from 260 to 300 in these units and opportunities for larger bulls.  Most of the terrain for these units can be pretty mild so we can accommodate all kinds of hunters for this trip.  

What’s Included:

Guided hunt, meals, tent camp or cabin style lodging, guide service, game prep and trophy care  

Not Included:

Tag/Hunting license, taxes, gratuities


Very nice tent camps, with large tents, solid floors, cots, hot showers, mess tent for meals, some camps also have cabins

Trip Duration:

Archery hunts are 6 days of hunting/Rifle and muzzleloader are 5 days of hunting


Archery 2×1 $4750/1×1 $5550 Rifle and Muzzleloader/Rifle 2×1 $4150/1×1 $4950 (These are for draw hunts and do not include tags, if clients do not draw, landowner tags can be purchased at an additional cost if they are available.)



North Central New Mexico

How to get there:

Outdoor Solutions will provide directions.     



Application Deadline

March 21st for the draw or guaranteed landowner tags


Archery: September, Rifle: October, Late Season: December

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