MT-4LW Montana Trophy Antelope and Prairie Dog Combo


This is an Outdoor Solutions exclusive. We have the privilege of  hunting antelope on the Crow reservation, where trophy bucks are taken every year. For the past 4 years our clients have been 100% opportunity and the only hunters going home empty handed were the ones that had multiple misses. In addition to the great antelope hunting, hunters get to set up on prairie dog towns after they have taken their antelope and help control the population.

The hunt is all spot and stalk on the 100’s of thousands of acres encompassed by the reservation. Hunters need to be prepared to shoot beyond 200 yards and out to 400 yards in some cases.

What’s Included: 

Meals, lodging, guide service, game prep and trophy care

Not Included: 

Travel expenses, license and tags, gratuities


Cabins very close to the Big Horn River

Trip Duration: 

Hunts are 3 days of hunting


$3,250 per person


30 minutes East of Billings, MT

How to get there: 

Outdoor Solutions will provide directions to camp


Antelope and prairie dog $430 covers both

Application Deadline: 

No application required


Mid August through September

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