CO-4SM Quality Bulls Colorado Elk


Takes place during the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th elk seasons.   These are draw tags, but fairly easy to draw in this unit.

–This hunt takes place on appx 3,800 acre private ranch, which sits next to 8,000+ acres of permitted Gunnison National Forest. Hunts are spot and stalk with lots of glassing. Elk hunters have enjoyed close to a 100% success rate on this hunt.

What’s Included:

Meals, Lodging, Guide Services, Pack Services

Not Included:

License, Gratuities, and Processing


Rustic cabin sits on the 3,800 acre ranch, which is next to 8,000 permitted acres of the Gunnison Nat’l Forest.

Trip Duration:

7 day trip (5 hunting days)


$5,600 per person (elk and mule deer hunts are same price)


Montrose, CO

How to get there:

Drive to Montrose, CO, where the outfitter will meet you


Appx $650.00 for elk.     Appx $380.00 for mule deer

Application Deadline

Very early April, usually around April 4th every year.    Draw for 1st and 4th seasons elk.        2nd and 3rd seasons are over the counter.


Archery:   August 27th – Sept 28th.   Dates vary slightly every year.

            Rifle:   Oct 12th – Nov 15th.  Dates vary slightly every year.  This is 1st through 4th seasons.

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