UT-1TB High Success Utah Mountain Lion Hunts

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One of the most exciting hunts we have been on in a long time!  What sets this outfitter apart from the rest, is the fact that we were hunting in mid May with temperatures reaching the mid to upper 60′s at 8000 plus feet and snow had been melted off for some time now.

 In fact, our outfitter and his dogs prefer hunting dry ground, this may make it harder to spot fresh tracks, but their   20 plus years of lion hunting experience more than make up for the lack of snow.   

They also utilize modern technology to keep up with their hounds. GPS mapping units offer an exciting opportunity for the hunter to actually be a part of the chase and get a perspective of the rolls individual dogs play during a chase. They currently have forty hounds.  During any particular hunt there could be as many as four packs of hounds with guides searching for fresh lion sign.

What’s Included:

hounds, lunch, Guide service, Game Prep

Not Included:

License, lodging, evening meals, Gratuities


Outfitter usually utilizes local motels, depending on the area you are hunting.  Lunch is up on the mountain and dinner is on your own in the evenings

Trip Duration:

5 full day hunts




Southern Utah and Western Nevada

How to get there:

In most cases you will fly into Las Vegas and then meet the outfitter in St. George, UT


Approximately $300      

Application Deadline



November to April


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