CO-1GW Limited Spots Trophy Antelope


This hunt takes place on a 48,000 acre private ranch, located near Trinidad, CO.   This is in the foothills and lower country with lots of hayfields, meadows, creek bottoms, river bottom, etc.  This is a top destination for B&C class antelope.  However, only appx 9 spots are available every year for this antelope hunt.  This ranch is known for big antelope, ranging from 75” – 85”+. 

What’s Included:

Lodging (ranch house), Meals, Guide, Game Prep

Not Included:

License, Gratuities


Ranch house sits on part of the 100,000 acre ranch.

Trip Duration:

3 day hunts (5 calendar days)


$3,500 – 2×1


East of Trinidad, CO

How to get there:

Fly into Colorado Springs (closest), or Albuquerque and drive to the camp.


Appx $390.   These are draw tags, with a few landowner vouchers available.

Application Deadline

Appx April 1st every year.   These are easy draw tags.   However, if you do not draw, landowner vouchers are usually


Rifle:  Early October, around Oct 7th – 14th timeframe

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