TX-2bville Free Range Aoudad Sheep


This hunt takes place on a 6,000 acre private free range ranch, located near Bracketville, Texas.  This ranch is known for several large herds of self sustaining free range aoudad sheep!  The main challenge is how well the animals can blend in and find cover in this South Texas brush.  

This ranch is mostly flat South Texas brush country, with some very mild elevation changes.  The main benefit of this hunt is the quality of sheep for the price.  We take larger rams here than on other Western free range aoudad sheep hunts.   Most all rams taken here are between 28-35”.

What’s Included:

Lodging (mobile home), Meals, Guide, Game Prep

Not Included:

License, Gratuities


Mobile home sits on the 6,000 acre ranch.

Trip Duration:

4 day hunts (5 calendar days)


Aoudad (free range) hunt $5,500


Outside of Bracketville, Texas

How to get there:

Contact Outdoor Solutions for driving directions to the secluded lodge.


$48 license to hunt exotics    

Application Deadline

  No application required, license can be purchased online or at any Wal Mart in Texas


Open Season (Best time is December thru April)

Fill Out the Form or

Call (918) 258-7817 to Learn More!

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