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One of our favorite countries to visit is Argentina.  Why? It’s pretty simple, the people are some of the nicest you will ever meet, with service to match, the food is outstanding, there is no shortage of some of the best Argentine wine to be found, oh and the waterfowl/bird hunting is great!

Our outfitter is located just North of Buenos Aires in the province of Santa Fe. The lodge sits right by the San Javier River, less than 30 minutes from the rice fields where the duck hunts are held. With over 2 dozen duck species migrating to their area from May to September it will be hard to find another hunt that compares. Rosey billed and whistling ducks are the most common along with Teal.

Depending on your shooting abilities, limits of 30 ducks per hunter can easily be achieved. Once you’ve had your fill of duck hunting you can head to the Soy and sorghum field for perdeiz and dove!

What’s Included:

First class accommodations, all meals with an international menu, fine Argentine wines, full bar with premium liquors, transfer from Cordoba to lodge, bird boys, guides and staff, gun cleaning service

Not Included:

Hunting license, $65per day,  bird boy fee $25 per hunt, shells $16 per box waterfowl/ $14 per box of 25 Dove, Tips for guides and staff $70 per day, gun rental $70 per day


Thatched roof lodge with views of the river. 5 double rooms with private bathrooms, swimming pool and deck close to the river.

Trip Duration:

Most hunts are 5 days and 4 nights lodging


$900 per day for hunters $450 per day for non-hunters


Santa Fe, Argentina

How to get there:

Fly to Buenos Aires, transfer to local airport and on to Santa Fe.


See additional charges above


Application Deadline


May to August for Ducks

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