AB-1SE Alberta Wolf Hunts


One of Outdoor Solutions longest standing outfitters, we have hunted here on several occasions and have sent numerous clients here over the years with great success. Their success comes from living and hunting in their area for over 30 years and a deep rooted passion for hunting.

Many of their guides have been with them since before we started working with them in 2004, this gives our clients an advantage when hunting here.  One of our favorite things about hunting here is the variety of species that are available to hunt. Wolf hunts are without a doubt one of the toughest animals to hunt in North America, they are smart and leery, making them quite the challenge. Wolves are either hunted over bait or by howling them in during the mating season.

What’s Included:

Meals, lodging, guide service, game prep and trophy care

Not Included:

License, tag, GST (tax) gratuities


This is a brand new lodge just completed in 2016 and has all the comforts of home, plus more mounts than most museums!

Trip Duration:

6 days of hunting


$5000 2×1 or $7000 1×1 Non hunter rate is $350 per day


Caroline, AB

How to get there:

Fly into Calgary where the outfitter will pick you up for additional charge or rent a vehicle


 $200 license $600 Moose $400 deer $300 black bear $100 wolf

Application Deadline


December thru March

Fill Out the Form or

Call (918) 258-7817 to Learn More!

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