NM-5SO North West New Mexico Elk Hunts Guaranteed Tags


 We work hard to ensure you have an enjoyable trip and the highest probability of harvesting a trophy animal. We provide our clients with honest information about our hunts, trophy potential and accommodations. Our clients have high success rates and receive quality customer service. We hunt private ranches as well as public land. Hunt areas range from 600,000 acres to 1,000,000 acres. We have several returning clients every year. We offer archery, muzzleloader and rifle elk hunts.

Notes From Our Hunt October 2019:

-Arrival Day: We shot rifles, checked our zero. Had dinner with everyone in camp, got to know each other a little, paired up with guides.

–Day 1: We hiked to the tallest point before daylight. Started glassing in all directions. Spotted bulls in all directions. Started making a game plan, and determining what bull(s) to go after. We spotted a 300” bull at 580 yards, started to build a solid shooting platform, but then the bull went over the edge into a canyon. Appx 4 minutes later we spotted a bull stand up right below us, guessed him being a 310” bull. Built a stable shooting platform in semi prone position with bipod and a bag. Ranged him a 449 yards, made the shot. He ran appx 40 yards and started getting wobbly. Put another round in him and he went down.  Then the packout, was only appx 1-1.5 mile to the mountain road. This bull ended up being over 350”.

–Day 2: Another client in camp shot a bull at 300 yards, he was a 315” 6×6.

–Day 3: The other hunters tagged out, a 377” 7×6 and a 335” 6×6. Both shots around 400 yards.

–The main thing that stuck out was how much scouting and time spent glassing that these guides did prior to clients arriving. They knew what bulls were where, and had a solid game plan for opening morning! They also knew how to navigate other public hunters, and use the pressure to their advantage. And they have several back up spots ready. They knew the bull’s migration areas, knew where they go after the rut, etc. – very knowledgeable…and it was evident.

–Camp was nice, comfortable, and warm. Very friendly cooks and camp staff – and good food. It was a very enjoyable experience. And I love the price point. Definitely a place for solid 6×6 bulls that doesn’t break the bank. This area is known for 280-320” bulls – very attainable. Every bull in our camp went 315” – 377”.
–The guides were humble, not talking about themselves the entire time. You could tell they didn’t need to, they knew their stuff, and would prove it in the field.

Lindsey Maas/Outdoor Solutions


What’s Included:

Land owner tag, Guided hunt, meals, tent camp style lodging, guide service, game prep and trophy care  

Not Included:

Shipping of Meat/Trophy, Meat Processing, Airfare, Gratuities, License, Taxidermy, Personal Items, and Taxes


Ranch House Camp – accommodations include a shared bedroom with extra-large cots. The house has running water and electricity. We have indoor showers and restrooms. We have a large shared living room and dining room. We have limited phone service in camp but good service throughout the hunt area.
Tent Camp – accommodations include wall tents, approximately 14×16 with extra-large cots and a wood stove. We have outdoor showers and outdoor restrooms. We also have a large dining hall tent, 16×20 in size for meals. We do not have cell phone service at camp but have limited cell service in the hunt area.

Unit 2 Hunt is based out of an old school house camp ground. It is rustic but comfortable, has electricity, running water, heat is from wood burning stove. You will use cots for sleeping on so you will need to bring a sleeping bag.  Think of this like camping but with 4 solid walls and a roof. 

Trip Duration:

5 days + travel


$7950, Pluse License and Tax



Blanco; Abiquiu; Youngsville, NM

How to get there:

Blanco, NM – Meet at Farmers Market in Bloomfield, NM, follow guide SE about an hour to the ranch house located in the middle of Game Management Unit 2C.
Abiquiu, NM – Camp is located 20 minutes SE of Abiquiu at 35 Arroyo Largo, Hernandez, NM.
Youngsville, NM – Camp is located about an hour SW of Abiquiu, NM. Take HWY 84 north from Abiquiu, turn west on HWY 96, take Forest Service Road South 12.5 miles, and take Forest Service Road 99 South 2 miles.


Standard Elk License – $548
Quality/High Demand Elk License – $773
Habitat Stamp – $5
Habitat Management and Access Validation – $4

Application Deadline

March 21st for the draw or guaranteed landowner tags


Archery: September, Rifle: October, Late Season: December

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