Michigan Location

Like our 2 other locations, this one is one is easy to get to.  Located just 45 minutes North of Grand Rapids airport, your ride back to the lodge will be over before you know it.

Our lodge here is one of the nicest in the Outdoor Solutions line up. We offer 7 oversized rooms with 2 very comfortable Queen sized beds and a private bathroom in each room.

The large dining room and dining room table that can seat up to 22 guest gives us plenty of room for our meals and seems to be a favorite location to hang out and discuss the days events. We should also mention you will not be disappointed in the food served at the oversized dining room table.

Our known distance 1000 yard range and especially the range house will be one of the nicest in North America you can hope to find. We have plenty of room for everyone to have their own station and for all of their gear.  The range house is complete with electricity, individual bays and gun racks, plus a restroom as well.

Our day two hunting scenarios here are very unique in the fact we are hunting in very densely wooded areas, which requires very tight shots focused on the 300 to 500 yard range, all on silhouette targets (deer, elk, bears, etc) all with life size steel vitals.  This course will give you a very realistic scenario of hunting in different situations.

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Long Range Shooting Schools

Want to learn more about our long range shooting schools? Click on the button below. Our courses are designed to build your confidence as a hunters or shooter no matter the experience level.

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