Texas Long Range Shooting Schools | What Our Students Say

Our favorite thing about our Texas Long Range Shooting Schools is hearing back from our students after they’ve taken the class and returned from a successful hunt. We hear all the time from students that had an effective range before the class around 150 may be 200 yards at the most another telling us their success stories of taking up of a mule deer are in antelope you out to 300 400 and some of them even at 500 yards. What we were able to do at our Texas long range shooting schools is give them the confidence and the tools that they need to extend their distances and be a more ethical hunter.

One of our favorite stories is a couple from South Texas, they came and took her class right before they were preparing to go to Africa. Neither had had any formal training in either and really shop has to hundred and 50 yards. They both had new custom rifles and each had a good quality optic but they didn’t know how to use it which was the reason they wanted to take our Texas long range shooting schools, in fact the husband self-admitted that he was a terrible shot! We were able to work with them over today. And in a short period of time they both had it down and were excellent shots. During their time in Africa they were able to take numerous animals, including the wife taking a zebra at 350 yards.

Another one of her clients that recently took our Utah school just this past August, this was a situation where the customer used his own rifle and we help set up form using our Geo ballistic app. We had him dialed him where he was consistently hitting targets at 600 700 and 800 yards. Just a few short weeks later he was hunting mule deer in Utah where he spotted a beautiful 4 x 4 block and took him at 550 yards. He sent us a text from the field with a picture of his buck and gave our Texas long range shooting schools the credit for the ability of him to be able to take the shot.

This is the whole reason why our long range shooting schools were developed in the first place. But only does outdoor solutions put together fantastic long-range shooting schools but we also plan hunting adventures for clients as well. When our clients were planning hunting trips out West and were informed that they would need to build a shoot out to 400 yards they knew that they did not have the equipment or the ability to do that. After taking our classes they were amazed at how quickly were able to pick it up and how much more confident they were in having the knowledge to build a taken extended distance shot.

If you’re planning a hunt in the sometime near future you should consider outdoor solutions long-range shooting schools. Our schools are designed for hunters who’d like to hunt out West and have the confidence and ability to shoot out to the distances needed for Western big-game hunting. Our students can show up with pioneer protection and a small day pack and then outdoor solutions supply everything else. No need to worry if you currently have the right rifle or optic since outdoor solutions provides those for you. Our classes are small so be sure to give us a call while spots are still available.

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