Texas Long Range Shooting Schools| Can Be Budget Friendly

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With all the gear gadgets and equipment that goes in the long-range shooting it can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be. Our Texas long range shooting schools can teach you how to reach out to 1000 yards and not have to break the budget to do it. We purchase the right rifle optics and quality ammunition long-range shooting is not as hard or as expensive as you would think. In fact the gear that we use in our Texas Long range shooting schools can be found in most hunters safe today. The one thing that we do not skimp on is the optics. We use a good quality optic with an elevation dial usually measurements for MOA or minute of angle. We also use factory ammunition from Hornady which saves us time from having to do hand loads.

If you’ve ever shopped for long-range rifles or custom rifles you probably found that some can be priced as much is maybe your first car! Not only will we show you at our Texas long range shooting schools that custom rifles are not necessary to have a successful hunt out West but we will show you it can be done much cheaper than you would think. In fact the rifles that we
use in our long range shooting schools come straight from the Weatherby factory.We offer two different choices one being the Weatherby Vanguard and then also the Weatherby Mark five each are priced at a different price point depending on what fits best in your budget. We have found that these rifles are accurate out on the range out to the thousand yards and even further.
Went out hunting we found that these rifles will meet the capabilities of any hunter out to ethical ranges.

The one area that we absolutely refused to skimp on his or optics. You can expect to go out and build a shoot 1000 yards and purchase $100 optic it’s just not going to happen.During our long range shooting schools we use quality optics that will range in price from anywhere around $1000 up to around $1800. What a quality optic will do for you that others can’t, as help you see it the further distances, especially when your conditions are not ideal and you’re having to deal with high heat or high mirage that prevents you from seeing clearly with the cheaper optic. Other options that better optics may have parallax, adjustable elevation and adjustable windage. The main thing that a quality optic will offer is glass quality.

When you come to our Texas long range shooting schools not only will we offer the use of our Weatherby rifles are quality optics and Hornady ammunition that we also provide three nights lodging all your meals and two full days of instruction. On day one you can expect to go through the fundamentals, such as cheek weld, breathing recoil management, enter your control. Most of day one is spent from mantra shooting and once we have good Thai groups down we will start walking individuals out to further distances in 100 yard increments.
Before day one is over from our long range shooting schools each student will have learned how to shoot out to 1000 yards and understand how he did it and build a repeat the process.

Outdoor solutions keeps their long-range shooting schools classes very small, in fact, our Texas location only allows 12 students per class, which means six shooters at one time and for those six shooters we will have three instructors. This is a huge advantage when teaching long-range shooting skills because the students will all have plenty of individual time with their instructor. If you’re looking for one the best long-range shooting experiences available give outdoor solutions a call at 918-258-7817.

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