Texas Long Range Shooting Schools | 15 + 1 = Sixteen in Years

One thing that we have noticed is with the popularity of Texas Long Range Shooting, there have been a good number of new schools pop up. Do you wonder how good they really are? Are they a one man show? Who wrote their curriculum? Just because they were in the military or are law enforcement; does that qualify them to be instructors or better yet be good instructors? This is one area that we know Outdoor Solutions Texas Long Range Shooting schools excel in. We have been in business now for sixteen years and all of our instructors teach students proper shooting technique as part of their everyday lives.

You will realize from the moment you arrive to our six thousand acre facility that you are at the right place for Texas Long Range Shooting Schools. You are greeted at the door by our staff and once a little bit of paperwork is completed you are shown to your room so you can settle in and get unpacked. Dinner is prepared and ready by six PM, then followed by our orientation and safety briefing. This is the time that we cover the curriculum and review what you will be learning for the next two days on the range. Although we will cover safety multiple times each day this will actually be the only formal presentation and classroom time that we will go through.

During your stay at our facility not only will provide your lodging in large rooms with two queen size beds and a private bath but all home cooked meals are prepared by our staff, who are accustomed to cooking for large groups. We will also provide you with all of the gear needed during your time on our range, this will include firearms, rifle optics, spotting scopes, ammunition, shooting rest and for day two we will provide a variety of shooting sticks and comfortable shooting mats to shoot from the prone position in. Also, each one of our instructors is only working with two shooters at one time, ensuring you plenty of one on one time with your instructor.

One of the things that really makes Outdoor Solutions Texas Long Range Shooting Schools different is that we are teaching you to be successful for your next hunt. No longer will you have to worry about your intended target being to far out and worried about taking the shot or missing because it was to far out for you. When the opportunity arises you will know exactly what to do. The favorite part of our job is hearing stories from our students when they return from one of our Texas Long Range Shooting Schools
about a successful hunt and how they made a perfect shot at a distance usually double the distance they were comfortable shooting before they took the class.

If you are looking to extend your shooting distance on the range beyond one thousand yards and extend your ethical hunting range to often double what you were comfortable with before then you should seriously consider checking out our facility in Texas. We have yet had a client say they did not get their monies worth or not get more out of the class then they expected. Many of our students come back for a level two course or just come back for a refresher to make sure they are ready for that next hunt. Our class sizes are small so be sure to give us a call for our 2019 schedule.

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