Texas Long Range Shooting Schools| The Forms For Shooting

We see a good number of schools shooting from nice, heavy shooting benches to get their students on target, Outdoor Solutions does the same for a good part of the first day, but what about after that? Do you take a heavy bench out in the field with you when you are hunting? No, that’s not practical at all, in fact when you are out in the field hunting, you can actually find yourself in some very uncomfortable, unconventional shooting positions.  The Outdoor Solutions Texas Long Range Shooting Schools will teach you how to get locked into a good solid position while hunting any game out West.

Not only are our instructors some of the best in the business when it comes to teaching but they are also all avid hunters and have been in numerous awkward situation when it comes to getting into a steady position when its time to take the shot on the game that you are hunting. At our Texas Long Range Shooting Schools our hunting range that is utilized on day two will offer you the opportunity to shoot from numerous positions at different distances. Our instructors will teach you different tricks they have learned over the years to help you steady your crosshairs on that trophy of a life time!

With only two shooters per instructor, each student is guaranteed quality one on one time with their instructor and have the opportunity ask numerous questions while putting their new learned techniques to use at our Texas Long Range Shooting School. One trick we like to use out in the field is the use of different size pads to lock in your shooting arm, support your back or under your chest to take pressure off your neck when in a prone position. Outdoor Solution instructors also utilize shooting sticks in ways that most people have never thought about using.

Instructors from our Texas Long Range Shooting Schools  have hunted all around the globe, from Africa to Alaska, Argentina  and all over North America. There are not too many situations they have not been in and will be able to help you prepare for your next hunt. One of the other great things about our Texas Long Range Shooting Schools is the fact that we are using quality hunting gear and not super expensive custom gear that the majority of hunters cannot afford to purchase  and for those that do not handload we show you how ammunition from the factory can still have you on target at extended distances.

Outdoor Solutions covers all of the hunting and long range shooting bases for you. Whether you are planning a hunt of a lifetime, preparing for your next competition or just want to check a mark off your bucket list and ring the one thousand yard gong our Texas Long Range Shooting School will give you the tools and confidence you need to accomplish your goals.  To register for the 2019 season give the Outdoor Solutions team a call and reserve your spot for our next class. Call the Outdoor Solutions office at 918 258 7817

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