Texas Long Range Shooting Schools |It’s Antelope Season

If there was ever a good explanation for the need of a Texas long range shooting schools it would be for antelope hunting. Have you ever been antelope hunting? Unlike other antlered or horned animals we hunt, antelope prefer the wide open prairies as opposed to the cover of woods, canyons or deep draws that other species prefer. They also rely heavily on their keen eyesight more than they do their sense of smell, so that means getting close to them can be a real challenge, especially later in the season if they have been hunted at all. They can literally spot you from miles away without you even knowing they were there in the first place.

Now don’t get me wrong we have had clients shoot antelope at less than one hundred yards, thanks to some help from the terrain, a good wind and some tall vegetation but the most common shot distance seems to be over 200 yards, hence the good reason for taking Outdoor Solutions Texas Long Range Shooting schools, where we will teach you the fundamentals of long range shootings and put in the exact scenario for an antelope hunt. Because of the terrain in most states where we hunt antelope and because a lot of the areas where they like to hang out are covered with Sage Brush it makes taking a prone shot almost impossible. We have found that by far the majority of shots taken on antelope, especially in New Mexico, which is known for giant speed goats is off of shooting sticks.

If you’ve never shot off of shooting sticks, its’ not as easy as you might think. One of the biggest problems that we find hunters have taking a shot from shooting sticks is being able to get steady and hold the crosshairs in place to take the shot,especially at the extended distances. The further away the shot the exaggerated any movement becomes, thus making the shot harder the further away you are shooting. With a wide variety of brands and styles of shooting sticks available, you have more choices on being able to get steady and take the shot. On day two of our Texas long range shooting schools, we spend a good part of the morning covering shooting from shooting sticks and different techniques on how to get steady so you can take that 200 to 400 yard shot if needed.

The great thing about our Texas long range shooting schools is that we are teaching you with real hunting gear and not custom rifles that require a second mortgage. Our rifles of choice are from Weatherby, we are using one of their VanGuard series and a new Mark V they call The Outfitter. We are also using a top quality optic from Zeiss, that will get the job done on the range and in the field, combine both of those with factory ammunition from Hornady means you have a 1000 yard gun for under $2000 or up to about $3000 depending on which model you choose. And guess what? Your animal will still be just as dead with a single shot as it would be with a set up that cost three or even four times as much.

Outdoor Solutions long range schools offers small classes, with all of the gear and ammunition provided during the class and also provides first class lodging and your meals. So no worrying about finding a hotel or wondering if there are good restaurants in the area. If you are looking for shooting instruction that will prepare you for an upcoming antelope hunt or any hunt that will require you to shoot beyond distances that you are currently comfortable with then you need to give Outdoor Solutions a call and schedule your spot for their next class. Because of class size, spots are limited to only twelve students per class, which means that there will only be six shooters at one time and there will be three instructors for those six shooters, giving everyone plenty of one on one time with the instructors. We look forward to seeing you there.

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