Texas Long Range Shooting Schools | Getting Your Hunt Game On

Are you thinking about doing a hunt out West? Are you prepared to be able to shoot out to 400 yards or possibly further? If not, then you need to check out Outdoor Solutions Texas Long Range Shooting Schools. Our schools are designed to help the hunter be successful on any hunt they might be preparing for, even if the shot distance is not going to be that far, there is always room for improvement even at the shorter distances basics can make the difference of a clean ethical shot as compared to completely missing or even worse, wounding an animal and not being able to recover it. Our Texas Long Range Shooting Schools will have you prepared for that next hunt so you do not have to worry about the worst possible scenario.

We prepare you for your hunt with the most knowledgeable staff possible. Even besides the instructors all of our support staff have taken our Texas Long range shooting schools and know what it takes to hit the one thousand yard targets. Our staff will be able to help you determine if your equipment is adequate for the class or if you should use Outdoor Solutions selected hunting gear. Our staff will also be able to give you a brief overview of the curriculum and discuss such things as MOA, holding for wind, reading mirage, shooter spotter dialog, positional shooting and many other topics that need to be covered for long range shooting.

The Outdoor Solutions team prepares you for you hunt out West by putting you through the basics to begin with and then we move on to more advanced techniques. To help you prepare better for the hunt our day two is from our hunting course where we put you through actual hunting scenarios and shooting positions that you are sure to encounter when on your actual hunt. you will learn how to shoot from a prone position and possibly using your backpack as a rest, you will learn how to get steady from a sitting position and prevent your optics from moving all over the place, another option that you may need to use out in the field is off of shooting sticks, there are many options when it comes to shooting sticks and our instructors will show you their favorites and how to use them. Lastly you may just have the option of using the natural terrain to take the shot. There are many ways to get comfortable and steady just by using the natural terrain.

The best way to prepare for an actual hunt is to put yourself in actual hunting situations and to use real hunting gear. Instead of using very expensive custom rifles with handloaded ammunition the Outdoor Solutions team uses rifles from the Weatherby factory, a good quality optic and factory ammunition from Hornady. With the correct knowledge you can make the same shots with gear that is much left expensive as the custom gear and still have the same results, which is an animal on the ground. Not only does our Texas Long Range Shooting school provide you with all of the gear needed to be successful, we also provide you with four star lodging, and we have a wonderful staff that prepares all of your meals. So no more looking for hotels or wondering if there are any good restaurants in the area, we cover it all for you. Our students can literally show up eye and ear protection and we will cover everything else.

So to be prepared for a hunt out West you will not only need to know the basics but you will need to know what is required to be able to shoot out to 400 yards and sometimes even further. You can rest assured that our instructors will pass along their knowledge and give you the skills plus the confidence you need to be able to extend your ethical hunting shooting distance. We are located just forty five minutes North of Abilene Texas on a private six thousand acre ranch where you will have the opportunity to join eleven other students and experience some of Texas best long range shooting instruction. To reserve your spot, call the Outdoor Solutions office today at 918 258 7817 our staff will be more than happy to answer your questions and reserve a spot for you and a friend.

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