Texas Long Range Shooting Schools| Expensive is Not a Good Word

Have you shopped for so called “long range rifles”? Did the price make you think about having to take out a second mortgage? The gear used for our Texas Long Range Shooting Schools is made for the working man and not those with a Silver Spoon. Accurate and expensive do not have to go hand in hand. We have looked at numerous custom rifles over the years with prices ranging from $3000 to almost $10,000! If you can afford something along those lines then by all means, go for it! As for me, I run a small business, have a mortgage and three kids, so those kind of prices are not in the realm of reality for me.

Lets not forget we have not even started talking about optics yet. One thing we insist on for our Texas Long Range Shooting Schools is a quality optic that allows you to see down range at 1000 yards, even in some of the worst mirage situations. Again we have used almost every kind of optic available on the market with some costing over three thousand and some just a few hundred dollars. Our school of thought is don’t skimp on the optics but don’t throw your money away either. The optics that we use for our Texas long range shooting schools all run in the same price range of twelve hundred dollars to about eighteen hundred dollars and this really just depends on the power you choose and first focal plane versus second focal plane. Even at this price range our optics pretty much have all of the bells and whistles with quality glass.

One of the things that new long range shooters fail to think about are your bases and scope rings, they are not the sexy part of long range shooting but if you think about it rings and bases are the glue that holds everything together. It’s kind of like buying an awesome off road truck like a Ford Raptor and putting street slick racing tires on it for going mudding, you will not get very far. Same with rings and bases, this is what holds your optics true from when you set your zero and when you add in all of the recoil from shooting your rifle, carrying it around in the woods and mountains, the likelihood of your optic getting banged around is very high. You need to know that your rings are going to hold up to the abuse and hold your optic in place, thus keeping your zero true.

Another component is your ammo. Your choice in ammo makes a huge difference for long range shooting. You need to find what your gun likes from the beginning, we suggest buying several types of premium ammo with different bullet weights and see what offers the best groupings at one hundred yards and then start walking your distance out to see which brand performs the best. You must have a bullet with a high ballistic coefficient or BC, this is simply just how well the bullet travels through the air and how much wind resistance it has. The higher the number the better it flies at extended distances.

If you are considering a Texas Long Range Shooting School you should check out what Outdoor Solutions has to offer. We will help you with the best equipment choices and show you how to use them. Every one of our students since two thousand and twelve have connected on the one thousand yard target, understood how they did it and were able to repeat the process multiple times. Once you arrive to our facility you will not have to worry about lodging, meals, or even any of the equipment. You show up with eye and ear protection and we will provide everything else for you to learn how to shoot long range. Give Outdoor Solutions a call to reserve your spot for our next long range shooting class.

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