Texas Long Range Shooting Schools | Lots of Choices

One thing that Outdoor Solutions knows is when it comes to Texas Long Range Shooting Schools, you have choices. We’ve seen what other classes offer and have even been to some of the other classes. Some were really good and spot on and some, well not so much. The Outdoor Solutions team was more concerned about what you did not get with a class as compared to what you would get during a class. We found other Texas long range shooting classes, did not provide lodging or meals and the closest place to stay was close to an hour away, we also found that you were required to bring your own gear and that the only thing provided was the actual training. Now in some cases that may be just fine but we have found that for most, having the extras is of more benefit.

With Outdoor Solutions Texas Long Range Shooting Schools, there is no more driving back and forth an hour each way to a hotel and then having to find a decent restaurant to get something to eat. You will not have to worry about whether or not your rifle and optic are good enough for long range shooting. We have also found that the little things make a huge difference, such as having shooting mats to shoot from the prone position on, having quality shooting rest from Caldwell are also a added bonus. What about shooting sticks for when you are out in the field hunting or on day two of our hunting course? We also provide those from our partners at BogPog.

You will have a very nice comfortable lodge with eight very large bedrooms, double occupancy, each with its own private bath at one of Outdoor Solutions hunting outfitters that are used to accommodating groups of people. The lodge staff will make sure we are fed the entire time you are taking the class by preparing home cooked meals in their commercial kitchen. You will also find plent of space in the common area where we do our initial introduction to the curriculum, there you will also find comfortable leather couches and a flat screen TV to keep up on the latest game or news. Most students really enjoy the expansive back deck and watch the sun go down as you go over the days events with your shooting partner or maybe spend some additional time with your instructor and get in some bonus questions to go over an area you may have struggled with during the day.

One of the main concerns have found is that students are not confident in their current rifle and optic setup for shooting long distance. At the Outdoor Solutions Texas Long Range Shooting Schools you do not have to worry about that since we provide hunting rifles from Weatherby in 6.5 Creedmoor that we know are capable of taking you out to 1000 yards. The main thing that our team of instructors look at is the optics, this is one area that we do not compromise. We believe that good quality glass, a rugged exterior and all the features needed for long range shooting are essential for being successful on the range and in the field. So no need in going out and purchasing gear before you take our classs, in fact, you can consult with one of our instructors to help determine what gear may be best for you and the way that it will be used.

If you are considering taking a long range shooting school you should consider Outdoor Solutions as your first choice for long range shooting. We will take all of the guesswork out of gear purchases or even show you how to use your own gear properly and how to set up a ballistic chart and range card. Our classes are small with a high instructor to student ratio that will ensure plenty of one on one time with your instructor. Because of the small class sizes, space is limited so be sure to give Outdoor Solutions a call to schedule your next Texas Long Range Shooting School. 918 258 7817

Outdoor solutions keeps their long-range shooting schools classes very small, in fact, our Texas location only allows 12 students per class, which means six shooters at one time
and for those six shooters we will have three instructors. This is a huge advantage when teaching long-range shooting skills because the students will all have plenty of individual
time with their instructor. If you’re looking for one the best long-range shooting experiences available give outdoor solutions a call at 918-258-7817.

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