Texas Long Range Shooting Schools| The Honesty With Long Range

Have you been thinking about trying a Texas long range shooting school? Have you been overwhelmed about how difficult it might be? Have you thought, I don’t have the high end, expensive  gear needed to be able to shoot out to 1000 yards? Outdoor Solutions has the answers to your questions about Texas Long Range shooting. Everyone of our students have been on target at 1000 yards by the end of day one and understood why and how they did it. You do not have to have high end custom made rifles and hand loaded ammo to hit your mark. We show you how to reach the 1000 yard mark with hunting gear from the factory, costing 1000’s less than custom gear.

The Outdoor Solutions team will walk you through the process at our Texas Long Range Shooting Schools giving you the confidence and ability to extend your ethical shooting range. Our instructors all have back grounds ranging from law enforcement, military, and Special Ops. Even more importantly they are all hunters and have been accused of having more fun teaching than our students do learning the long range process. Our support staff is also very knowledgeable about long range shooting. Each team member has actually taken the course themselves and are happy to answer your questions about long range shooting.

Our Texas Long Range School is unique in the fact that we provide nice private lodging, all meals are prepared by the lodge staff, we include use of our Weatherby firearms in 6.5 Creedmoor with top quality optics and includes factory ammunition from Hornady.  We have two very nice ranges with the first one being our known distance  range that will show you how to reach out to 1000 yards with confidence and our second range will put you through a variety hunting scenarios and shooting positions that you will encounter out in the field or mountains on your next hunt.  These  will include, prone, off your back pack, shooting sticks, and using the natural terrain.

The Outdoor Solutions team actually prepares you for your next hunt, giving you the tools, the skills and the confidence to extend your ethical shooting distance. We teach you various positions and how to get steady in the field where you do not have a bench to shoot from. There are numerous simple tricks that you can take from the class to help you steady your crosshairs on that next trophy of a life time and not go home empty handed because you were not confident in taking the shot.

Come and try one of our Texas Long Range Shooting Schools. We have everything you need to be successful, including the lodging, meals, firearms, optics, ammo and world class instructors to help you get on target during our three night, two and a half day long range class. If you are ready to learn how to extend your ethical shooting range and don’t want to spend a small fortune to accomplish it, give the Outdoor Solutions team a call to reserve your spot in the next class.

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