Texas Long Range Shooting Schools| The Tech With Our Deck

There is no doubt that long range shooting has advanced by leaps and bounds with some of the new technology that is available today. Even our own Texas long range shooting schools has used some of the new technology. With ballistic applications that do the math for you to more advanced bullets with much higher ballistic coefficients and new polymer tips, heck there are even electronic optics now that do all the calculations for you and won’t even send the bullet down range until it is on the target that you electronically painted. Some say that this much advancement is “cheating” if so, where do you draw the line?

In our opinion and for our Texas Long range shooting schools we believe a mixture of both old school and some new technology is a good thing. Yes, we do use a ballistic calculator that provides us with our shooting data but it is primarily used to gather our atmospheric conditions and to give us our elevation hold or elevation to dial. Our Texas long range shooting schools still utilize standard hunting rifles, a good quality optic with measurements in Minute of Angle and we use factory loaded ammunition from Hornady, to be more specific we are using their ELD- Match, which stands for Extended Long Distance, they also have a hunting version called ELD-X.

Long range shooting is not just about sitting down and pulling the trigger, it is about so much more. You have to have a knowledge of all the moving parts and how they work together, for example you can have two of the exact same rifles side by side and one shoots better with brand A of ammo but the other shoots better with brand B. This is determined by spending time at the range and discovering what works best. In addition to just pulling the trigger you have to have an understanding of your atmospheric conditions, the wind, the temperature, the humidity, your density altitude, there are so many other things that factor into long range shooting.

The other factor is the human element of long range shooting. You can have the best equipment in the world but if you are not taught proper technique and do not know what you are doing the equipment is pretty much useless. You need to know proper rifle alignment, cheek weld, understand your eye relief so you do not end up with a nice scope impression on your forehead. You also will need to know how to grip the rifle and how to manage the recoil so you can stay on target for a follow up shot if needed. Even your breathing, your trigger finger placement and how you squeeze the trigger can have a huge effect on what your bullet does down range and determines final impact.

So as you can see it is not just as simple as sitting down and pulling the trigger but this is where Outdoor Solutions Texas Long Range Shooting Schools comes into play. With some of the most qualified instructors available, top notch hunting rifles, quality optics, good factory ammunition from Hornady all provided for you, you are sure to be a success when you put your crosshairs on any target down range. In addition to providing all of the equipment and ammunition during our classes, we will also provide you with three nights lodging and all of your meals will be prepared by our staff.

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