Texas Long Range Shooting Schools| Get Out and Go Hunting

Outdoor Solutions, Texas Long Range Shooting Schools were created pretty much out of necessity. The Outdoor Solutions team also books hunting trips from around the globe, with a good number of them being for big game in the Western parts of North America. Our clients that come from the Eastern part of the states are wanting to hunt animals like, mule deer, elk and antelope that sometimes have shooting distance requirements of out to four hundred yards and sometimes further.  Most of these hunters have never had the opportunity to shoot past one hundred and fifty to two hundred yards.

When Outdoor Solutions clients book a hunt we discuss their shooting experience and in most cases will suggest our Texas Long Range Shooting School for them to attend and learn how to increase their ethical shooting range for their next hunt. Students are excited to hear that we offer such a course and better yet that we have knowledgeable instructors that are also avid hunters themselves and are able to combine their passion for teaching with their passion for hunting to help other hunters become more successful in the field.

During our Texas Long Range Shooting Schools students are using actual hunting gear and not expensive custom made gear that only a few can actually afford to purchase. Our rifles are VanGuards in six five Creedmoor from the Weatherby factory, topped with a quality optic and we use factory ammunition from the Hornady factory as well. We have found that this is an excellent caliber to teach with since it has low recoil and is very effective at extended distances such as our one thousand yard fixed range.  Students are also very pleased to hear that we provide first rate lodging, have the staff to prepare all of their meals and will learn in small group sizes.

Some of the students that attend our Texas Long Range Shooting School have attended other schools as well and have told us that we offer much more range time with less class room time looking at a Power Point presentation. We believe that our students learn better with real world hands on experience instead of sitting in a class room  listening to someone talk about the theory of shooting. When preparing for a hunt your prey does not care how many ballistic charts you know, what matters is if you can apply what you learned with your rifle to make a clean and ethical shot.

If you are considering a big game hunt out West and need to be prepared to shoot longer distances, you should consider our Texas Long Range Shooting Schools. We will have you prepared for your next hunt to shoot at extended distances so you do not have to worry about missing out on a trophy of a lifetime or worse yet, wounding an animal that you cannot find. Our two thousand and nineteen schedule is now posted but with limited spots available and small class sizes they will fill up fast. Give Outdoor Solutions a call at 918 258 7817

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