Texas Long Range Shooting Schools | Safety

You’ve heard the term “point your gun in a safe direction”? Do you know what a “safe direction” is? Outdoor Solutions Texas long range shooting schools covers all aspects of safety, so you and your fellow students can experience a 2 day class in a safe environment. Rules we cover include; treat every firearm as if it were loaded, finger off the trigger and on the outside of the trigger guard until you are aiming and ready to kill what you are pointing at, know what lies beyond your target, safety on until ready to shoot, guns off the line and in the rack with the bolt open until it is your turn to shoot.

Even though our Texas Long Range Shooting Schools are small, we are still dealing with multiple people with multiple firearms in a small area. It is absolutely paramount that everyone follow these rules and follow the directions given by your instructors during the class. With a dozen plus people on the range with you at the same time, the potential to muzzle sweep someone while moving your firearm is high. When it is time to switch places with your spotter, we require bolt open, check the chamber, point the muzzle up and carry it in that position back to the provided gun rack, this must be adhered to at all times. When you make a shot that you have never made before it is easy to get excited and forget which direction your muzzle is pointing when moving your firearm, this is one of the main reasons our instructors spend time on safety everytime we return to the range.

On our day two hunting scenario and unknown distance range, it is especially important to know what lies beyond your target. We are in an area that covers thousands of acres where someone could wonder onto the property or possibly wildlife or even a ranchers livestock. This situation is ideal for the shooter and spotter to work together and scan the area before you begin shooting, it is very easy to get tunnel vision as the shooter and become solely focused on just the target. You are responsible for that bullet once it leaves the gun and there is no taking it back so be sure you know what lies beyond your target and know your surroundings.

During our Texas long range shooting schools we provide Weatherby rifles in 6.5 Creedmoor but for day two we allow students to bring their own rifles as long as they fit Outdoor Solutions parameters. Once outside firearms are introduced to our range, we have other safety factors to consider. We are now dealing with multiple different calibers and can be very easy to pick up the wrong box of ammo or even just a single round and load into the wrong firearm. There are many different calibers that will fit in the same gun, some may not actually fire but there are some that will and if you have the wrong caliber loaded in the wrong gun, is could be disastrous or even deadly. We require that only one box of ammo be on your shooting bench or pad at one time and each time you change positions with your partner you take your box with you. Also, no loose live ammo left laying on your shooting platform.

Outdoor Solutions offers a fantastic and safe shooting experience while teaching you how to shoot out to extended distances. We guarantee you will have an enjoyable and safe experience while at one of our facilities. We offer three nights lodging, two full days of instruction, all of your meals are provided by our lodge staff, we even provide your firearms, quality optics and ammo for our range rifles during the class. We keep our classes very small with a maximum of 12 students at the Texas location, which means only six students are shooting at one time and for those six students we will have three instructors, giving us one of the best instructor to student ratios available. To reserve your spot for our next class call Outdoor Solutions at 918 258 7817

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