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Have you been looking at any of the new optics on the market lately? ARe you overwhelmed by all of the choices? Outdoor Solutions Long Range Shooting Schools has been comparing quite a few models lately and will be making a decision soon as to which model is the best fit for what our students are wanting to accomplish. There has been a lot of talk lately about first focal plane versus second focal plane and which one is better. Again it really comes down to personal choice and what the end use for your optic is to be. There is even disagreement among our instructors who all have military or law enforcement background and the owners of our Texas Long Range Shooting Schools who are primarily hunters.

Most students that come to our Texas Long Range Shooting Schools are hunters looking to extednd their ethical shooting range for hunting out West on some type of big game and while we do teach a good number of competition shooters we do gear the class more towards hunters, especially with our second day unknown distance shooting range. The first focal plane has the advantage of being able to use your Minute of Angle or Mil Radian reticle system at any power and the math will still be true for you, which means less math as a shooter and typically quicker second shots if needed at all. The main disadvantage of the first focal plane is you can expect to spend about thirty percent more over a second focal plane.

Most hunters, myself included prefer the second focal plane, it may be because that is what we grew up with and are most comfortable with but it also dominates the market in percentage of optics on the market. Our reason for preferring the second focal plane is that your reticle stays the same size on any magnification, so on low magnification the reticle is not so small you can not read it, especially if you have an minute of angle or Mil Radian etched optic and on the highest setting the reticle is not so large that it covers up your target. The disadvantage of second focal plane is that your minute of angle data is only good on the highest power setting, which in turn makes the shooter do more math on any other setting.

When you book a spot on one of our Texas Long Range Shooting Schools you will find that we use some of the best straight from the factory gear available, including rifles from the Weatherby factory, good quality optics and some of the very best factory ammunition on the market from Hornady. We will teach you with gear that you would use in the field when you go hunting. This is one of the best things about our instructors, that not only do they have some of the best instructor qualifications but they also are passionate about hunting and understands what it takes to be successful when the shot really counts.

Most of our classes are taught in the springtime when the weather is at its best and we are not having to deal with extreme heat or cold plus there is usually a consistent wind for the students to be able to learn how to read and hold for wind. Our classes are kept very small with fourteen being the largest at one time so they tend to fill up very fast. With our two shooters per every instructor, you are sure to receive plenty of one on one time with your instructor and maximize your two days with us on the range. For full details and avalability give the Outdoor Solutions office a call at 918 258 7817!

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