Texas Long Range Shooting Schools| We’re Basically Awesome.

Most people are intimidated by long range shooting and make it much more complicated than it really is.  Have you been thinking about learning how to extend your shooting range but was just not too sure where to start?  Outdoor Solutions Texas Long Range Shooting Schools makes it very easy for you to get started by offering a full service school that includes everything you needed to start your long range shooting adventure here in Texas. No more wondering how to get started, who to call, where to go or what equipment to use.

Our instructors start with the basics, even the most seasoned of shooters can get away from the basics, which can cause small issues at shorter distances but become larger issues the further out you shoot. Our Texas Long Range Shooting Schools, will take you back to the basics with proper alignment, cheek weld, trigger control, recoil management and breathing just to name a few. If you do not have the basics down it will not matter how expensive or good your equipment is you will be off target. Once the basics are down we will start to extend your shooting range and eventually have you out to the one thousand yard targets.

Every year we hear from our hunting customers that have been on a hunt of a lifetime only to come home empty handed because they were not comfortable taking the shot that presented itself to them. When you spend thousands of dollars on a hunt out West this is the last thing you want to happen. This scenario is exactly why Outdoor Solutions, Texas Long Range Shooting Schools were created! Now we hear stories from our clients that had opportunities at distances they previously would not have felt comfortable shooting at and they come home with a trophy of a lifetime.

Outdoor Solutions is different in the fact that we are all inclusive, our students can show up with eye and ear protection and we will cover everything else. Not only does Outdoor Solutions provide long range shooting instruction but we also have partnered with select outfitters to provide very nice lodging, the staff to feed everyone during their 3 night stay, hunting rifles from Weatherby, quality optics and factory loaded ammo from Hornady. Students will receive a full two and a half days of training with the majority of if being at the range and not sitting in a class room.

If you are looking to extend your long range shooting skills then give the Outdoor Solutions team a call. With our all inclusive system, you will not have to worry about purchasing expensive gear that you have never used before, you will not have to worry about finding a motel to stay in or restaurants to eat at. You just show up and immerse yourself for two and half days of long range instruction, camaraderie with fellow like minded students and knowledgeable instructors.

For full details and to reserve your spot call the Outdoor Solutions office 918 258 7817

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