Long Range Shooting Schools|World Record

Have you ever wondered what the world record is for the longest confirmed shot? Not a military sniper shot in battle but on a target? Our long range shooting schools may not teach how to shoot out to three miles, that’s five thousand two hundred and eighty yards! But our long range shooting schools will prepare you to extend your ethical shooting range when it comes to hunting and will help you improve your distance along with your groupings when you are on the range. Our level one class you will shoot out to one thousand yards or perhaps a little further and on our level two classes you will learn to shoot out to one mile or one thousand seven hundred and sixty yards!

To get you prepared for shooting out to distance of one thousand yards and beyond you still have to start with the basics, granted once you start talking about extreme distances you have to study a good amount of what we call the “geeky stuff” to allow for a good number of variable that effect your bullet flight on its way to its intended target. We will talk about those in the minute. First you have to start with basics such as your cheek weld, breathing, trigger squeeze, recoil management, and eye relief. During our level one class we actually start our students at one hundred yards to check all of these factors and work on acquiring sub-moa groups.

Once we have a confirmed zero and sub-moa groups we start walking our students out to further distances in one hundred yard increments, with our three minute of angle targets starting at three hundred yards. We have found that with using our basic hunting gear for teaching the classes most students are able to achieve five hundred yards with out to much issue, especially if there is not too much wind at the time. But it seems once we reach the six hundred yard mark, things start to change and we start seeing some misses. Most of these are due to spotters still learning to properly read and call the wind for their shooters. Also, shooters are starting to see how even the smallest bad habit can effect bullet impact down range.

This is where the instruction from our long range shooting schools really comes into play and our instructors really get picky with the students on their technique and stop any bad habits that have started. In this scenario if a student is having issues at a specific distance they will take the time to break down the entire shot process by going through some dry fire drill and help the student get back on track. When students show up on first day they are all skeptical when we explain that we will have them on the one thousand yard target before the end of day one. Watching their expressions and their excitement when they connect on that one thousand yard target for the first time never gets old. Especially when they can do it multiple time and understand why and how they are able to achieve their goal.

Outdoor Solutions long range shooting schools offer a unique experience for beginner long range shooters and experienced long range shooters alike. Our class sizes are kept small to ensure that each student has plenty of one on one time with their instructor and not left to figure things out on their own. Our class room time is kept to a minimum so the students have the opportunity to learn hands on as compared to theory from a Power Point presentation. For those that do not already have long range gear, Outdoor Solutions will provide Weatherby hunting rifles along with Zeiss optics for them to use during the class. On top of that all the ammo is provided for the range guns during the class. If you are looking to extend your shooting range and not too sure where to start, give Outdoor Solutions a call. 918 258 7817

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