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Long Range Shooting Schools has not always been in the Outdoor Solutions line up, in fact with the first class being offered in 2012 it is one of our newest offerings. The Outdoor Solutions team actually started in the hunting and fishing industry back in 2004 by purchasing a franchise from a now disbanded company called Outdoor Connection. Outdoor Connection has franchise owners across North America that promoted their outfitters by different marketing means, like tradeshows and word of mouth.

Outdoor Connection had some great offerings and the majority of their outfitters had been inspected by one of the franchise owners. A good number of these outfitters are still utilized by Outdoor Solutions today. The Outdoor Solutions team not only worked with but thrived with Outdoor Connection through 2011 by taking home Franchise Rookie of the year in 2005 but also a handful of Franchise of the Year awards as well. While we helped numerous people achieve their hunt of a lifetime, one offering we did not have was long range shooting schools.

After a collapse in the economy of 2008 and struggling along through 2011 the Outdoor Solutions team partnered with the National Rifle Association and created NRA Outdoors. This partnership lasted for approximately two years, when the Outdoor Solutions team separated with Outdoor Connection and pursued the relationship with the National Rifle Association. It was not long before the National Rifle Association decided they wanted to offer the services as a full time benefit to their members.

The business was eventually sold to the National Rifle Association and the Outdoor Solutions team became employees of the National Rifle Association to run NRA Outdoors as a department within their Hunter Services Division. It was soon after that Long Range Shooting Schools became a focal point of NRA Outdoors, which lead to the opening of two additional ranges, one in West Virginia and another in Texas. Both locations being a great success for the small department and a favorite of the members. The Outdoor Solutions team successfully ran the NRA Outdoors program for 6 years by training hundreds of students in long range shooting and sending thousands of hunters and anglers on their trip of a lifetime from around the globe.

Now since March 2018 Outdoor Solutions is again running the long range shooting schools and all of the hunting and fishing destinations. We are very excited about revamping our Utah location for logistical purposes and that we are expanding our offerings for both Texas and Utah to include corporate team building events. The Outdoor Solutions team is also, scouting for and adding new outfitters to help keep up with the demand from new and existing clients. Be sure to check back to the Outdoor Solutions website for our newest offerings of hunting and fishing outfitters. If you would like to bring your work team or spend some quality interaction time with your clients, you should consider one of Outdoor Solutions long range shooting schools. You can call Greg Ray at 918 258 7817

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