Long Range Shooting Schools|Once a Year

As I was sitting in my tree stand  with my bow, one day before rifle season opens in Oklahoma, I was thinking about who needs long range shooting schools. It didn’t take long for me to affirm what we teach during the beginning of our Outdoor Solutions classes. That is as a hunter you have to pick up your firearm more than once a year and especially the day before rifle season and for gods sake don’t zero your rifle on the same grounds you are hunting. Sure enough two hours before dark, during prime hunting hours the ridge joining my property sounded like the Hatfields and McCoys were going at it.

 Outdoor Solutions has worked with a good number of outfitters from around the globe and send hundreds of clients out on hunts that range from elk and mule deer out West to plains game in Africa. In an effort to prepare our hunters for their hunts we go over best caliber choice, preferred ammo and optics for the various distances they will more than likely be shooting for their hunt. Most hunters like spending the time needed to make accurate and ethical shots when it comes to taking game but for the life of me I cannot understand those saying “I’m too busy to get the range” as a hunter you owe it to the animal to make a clean kill and that starts at the range, by knowing your rifle, you optics with the type of reticle system, knowing your ballistics of your set up and different drops at various distances. If you cannot take the time to get practice in then stay at home and let others hunt that want to do it the right way.

Not only is range time essential but practicing in positions other than straight off the bench using a lead sled, bags and other devices that allow you to be as steady as possible. Last time I checked taking a shooting bench out in the field or up the mountain was not practical. Take the time to shoot in positions you will encounter while on an actual hunt. On day two of our long range shooting schools, we put our students through actual hunting scenarios, at various unknown distances so they can see what it takes to get steady while out in the field and utilizing tools that are practical for carrying in your pack during a hunt.

Long Range Shooting Schools are a great option for learning not only the basics but what it takes to extend your ethical hunting range to a distance beyond what you though you would be capable of. Many of our students when they first come to one of our classes tell us that they have never shot beyond 200 yards and some even less than that. Most are in disbelief when we explain we will have them on the one thousand yard target before the end of the first day and by only utilizing good quality hunting equipment, no nine thousand or ten thousand dollar custom set ups to be able to reach those distances.

Outdoor Solutions has been working with hunters for years, teaching them how to extend their ethical shooting range and helping them come home with a trophy of a life time that they previously may have had to pass up on before or worse yet, attempted the shot and ended up with a wounded animal. Outdoor Solutions takes all the guess work out of a long range shooting school. You do not already have to have gear capable of one thousand yards since we provide the firearms, optics, ammo and even the lodging and meals are provided at our facilities in both Texas and Utah.  For more details, call Outdoor Solutions at 918 258 7817


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