Long Range Shooting Schools|Accessories

When it comes to long range shooting or just shooting long guns in general, the focus of course is always on the firearm, the optic and also on the ammo but the most ignored and probably the most important are some of the accessories. Our instructors and gun smiths from our long range shooting schools also focus on the glue that holds all of the above mentioned in place. The rings and bases is the final piece of the puzzle that many don’t talk about and even more try to skimp on or go cheap. This is without a doubt one of the worst mistakes you could make when it comes to long range shooting.

The base that you put on your gun is like the foundation of your house; if it is not solid and of quality material, the most expensive custom gun and high end optics are not going to help you. On top of that you have your rings, which is the connecting piece from your optic to your rifle. If you go cheap on these or do not properly install them you will not get consistent or tight groupings. Cheap rings and improperly installed rings will allow your optics to slip from the force of the recoil and either slide front or back or turn side to side, causing cant in your optic.

Outdoor Solutions long range shooting schools uses some of the best bases and rings on the market from Talley, they are precision made and made from steel. On the majority of our rifles we will utilize a twenty minute of angle picatinny style base with heavy duty, tactical style steel rings. Along with lapping the rings and purchasing a good quality set of bases and rings you will be well on your way for consistently shooting long distances. One of the last things our instructors and gunsmiths do when mounting the bases and rings is using locktight on all of the screws for both the bases and the rings, this will help prevent the screws from backing out by the force of the recoil when shooting. One of the best ways to tell if you are getting any movement on your optic is to put a small hashmark with a paint pen directly on the scope tube, directly on either side of the rings, this will allow you to see if there has been any movement of the optic inside of the rings.

Other accessories that we utilize during our long range shooting schools that can sometimes get over looked are the front and rear rest we use when shooting from benches and then our preferred shooting platforms when out in the field. On our known distance range when shooting from a bench, we utilize several different types of rest from Caldwell Shooting Supplies. These include something as simple as a heavy bag on the fore stock and a smaller bag for the butt stock. One of our favorites is the adjustable rest, these allow you to make find adjustments at longer distances without having to move your rifle into a different position. When it comes to shooting out in the field or on an actual hunt, our go to method is utilizing either a bipod or tripod from Bog, when combined with a shooting bag from Sand Sock Gear you have a great combination for pulling off the shot on a trophy of a lifetime.

If you are looking to improve your ethical shooting range and need quality in-depth instruction, then you should consider Outdoor Solutions Long Range Shooting Schools. We are full service, by supplying the firearms, optics, ammo, lodging and even meals, all in a small, personalized style setting. Classes are no larger than fourteen students per class with three to four instructors per class, giving each student plenty of one on one time with their instructor. Outdoor Solutions currently offers two locations, one is forty five minutes outside of Salt Lake City with the other being three hours West of Dallas. For full details, call us at 918 258 7817

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