Long Range Shooting Schools|Zeiss Optics

Outdoor Solutions long range shooting schools has had the opportunity to partner with some of the best known leading manufacturers in our industry. We have chosen, Weatherby for our rifles, Zeiss for our optics, Hornady Manufacturing for our ammunition and then a good number of our accessories are provided by Caldwell Shooting Supplies, BogPod for shooting sticks, and SportEar for hearing protection. These are all companies that most people have heard about and have more than likely actually used out in the field. We intentionally  chose these companies because they are used by hunters, are all of top quality but at the same time reasonable when it comes to pricing. All of the companies help promote our philosophy of, you do not have to break the bank to be successful hunting out West.


After we had evaluated a good number of optics for our long range shooting schools, we chose Zeiss because of their new innovation, their commitment to quality and their focus on being able to provide one of the most recognized name optics in the industry at a price level that does not make you cringe. For our specific classes, we chose the V4 from their Conquest line. We felt that it offered all the features we need when out in the field but still at a price that makes sense to most hunters. We were looking for something that could be customized, yet easy to use and understand, easy on the pocket book but yet at the same time withstand the abuse that us as hunters can put our gear through. We believe that the V4 has met these requirements easily.


With the V4 we have an elevation dial in quarter minute of angle clicks, a very generous amount of elevation and windage adjustment, which helps us reach out to those extended distances, ninety percent light transmission. We chose the 6-24×50 for our  schools, which has the external dials for both elevation and windage with a true zero stop, so you actually know when you have returned to zero. Zeiss offers several reticle options for this second focal plane optic. We went with what Zeiss calls their ZBR reticle, which is also known as the “Christmas Tree” reticle because of its shape. We chose to use this reticle because we feel it is very applicable out in the field and allows you acquire your target and your minute of angle hold for both elevation and windage very quickly.


Zeiss not only provides the V4 rifle optics for Outdoor Solutions long range shooting schools but they also provide the Conquest spotting scopes which are essential for long range shooting. We set all of our classes up with shooters in pairs, so when one team member is shooting the other is behind the Conquest spotting scope calling corrections for his shooter. In our opinion this is one of the best ways to lear a solid skill set for long range shooting. When you are behind the spotting scopre you are seeing everything that is happening as you focus on wind conditions, mirage and bullet impact. You are able to make the call as to what corrective measures need to be made to hit center mass on the target. This knowledge of course will all translate over to when it is your time behind the rifle.


Outdoor Solutions provides full service long range shooting schools in both Texas and Utah. We are unique in the fact that we not only provide all the gear needed for the schools but by teaming up with our outfitters we are able to offer first rate lodging and utilize our outfitters staff to feed us and take care of the details while we are there. Each location not only has a one thousand yard known distance range with a comfortable shoot house but also has a hunting course where we will run you through actual hunting scenarios to help you prepare for that next big hunt. For more information on Outdoor Solutions schools or hunts call 918 258 7817

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