Long Range Shooting Schools|Why Outdoor Solutions

When you have numerous choices for long range shooting schools; why choose Outdoor Solutions to learn from? All schools should be the same, right? Not necessarily. Things you have to consider; who are the instructors, are they credible, what’s their background? Just because an instructor is an excellent shot or maybe holds some type shooting competition title does not mean he is automatically a great instructor. Instructors have to not only be knowledgeable about their subject but also have to be able to convey that message in a way that students can understand and relate to.

Instructing is what our instructors do. For their entire professional careers they have been teaching students the fundamentals of multiple disciplines of shooting that include, long range, pistol, AR platform, defensive handgun, tactical carbine and many others. You would never know it from talking with them but our instructors have helped train some of our most elite military branches, SWAT teams and other law enforcement teams. When it comes to Outdoor Solutions long range shooting schools, they present it to our students in a manner that is easy to understand, not intimidating and most of all they make it very fun.

During our classes we start at the very basics on the evening you arrive after dinner in a class room setting where we cover the curriculum for the next two days and basically tell you what we are going to teach you. We cover everything from safety, to vocabulary and definition of terms used on the range. You will learn spotter and shooter dialog and as a spotter how to call corrections to your shooter all the way out to 1000 yards. We will cover various reticle systems on your optics, how to true your rifle without a chronograph and learn your rifles true muzzle velocity. All of these topics are put in to perspective when it comes to hunting as well.

Day one on range is on our known distance range where you will primarily be shooting from a bench at targets starting at one hundred yards to confirm zero and then in one hundred yard increments all the way out to one thousand yards. Yes, you will be on the one thousand yard target by day one and understand how you are hitting it and why you are hitting it. You will understand your elevation dial, wind holds and how to apply it all by using your ballistic app. All of this will translate out in the field when you are hunting. Now that you are consistently hitting the one thousand yard target, when you querry presents itself at three hundred to five hundred yards in the field you will know exactly what to do and have the confidence along with the knowledge to pull it off.

Outdoor Solutions long range shooting schools makes it easy for you. You do not have to worry about, “do I have the correct equipment to make it out to one thousand yards” while you can bring your own equipment (as long as it fits with in our parameters) you don’t have to. Outdoor Solutions will provide the rifles, optics, and even the ammo for you during the class. Not only do we provide all of the gear but you also do not have to worry about finding a hotel, or wonder if there are decent restaurants in the area. That is because Outdoor solutions provides all of that for you and is included in the pricing of the course. If you would like to learn more about Outdoor Solutions and our long range shooting schools, give us a call at 918 258 7817

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