Long Range Shooting Schools|Mule Deer

If there were ever a prime example of why to attend long range shooting schools it would be hunting mule deer out West. Mule deer seem to thrive in some of the highest most rugged country possible. Hunting mule deer you will without a doubt earn trophy and meat in the freezer. You will find mule deer in most of the states out West, including Texas, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. Mule deer are roamers and browsers, so where you can find them can vary greatly. Whether it is at the highest elevation just at the tree line or down in the Sage Brush flats you will need to be prepared to shoot longer distances than most game animals on your list.

Seasons can start as early as mid-August and go all the way into late November, depending on each individual state and their regulations or seasons. For the early season, bucks still have their velvet and a good number of hunters will hunt them early just for this reason. A giant mule deer still in velvet makes a very cool looking mount and the bucks are still all in bachelor groups and much easier to pattern this time of year. As a rifle hunter you would be very lucky to draw a tag at all, most hunters for this early season are with a bow, which of course decreases your odds. Another factor to consider, it doesn’t matter what state or what elevation you are hunting, August is still August and it is going to be hot!

You will find a good number of Western states hold their rifle season during the early part of October for one simple reason; they are much harder to hunt right now. Like the whitetail, right before the rut kicks in the big boys seem to lay low to conserve energy for the big dance. You will start to see some of the bucks showing interest in the girls and doing some checking to see if any of his potential mates are looking to take things to the next level yet. As we get closer to the end of October the pre rut is starting to kick in and more action will be going on. You chances start to increase for catching the big boy out during legal shooting light as he is checking on the girls before bed time.

If there was ever a time to have brushed up on long range shooting schools it would be now. Having the confidence from attending long range shooting schools will pay off now when that trophy of a lifetime steps out and you are able to settle the crosshairs on his vitals at five hundred yards and you know exactly what to do. You have learned how to get in a comfortable position, how to get steady by utilizing the gear you brought with you, how to ready the wind so you know what your hold will be, you are dialed in for the correct elevation, you settle into your rifle, steady breathing and squeeze the trigger as you are letting your breath out. You even remembered how to manage your recoil and were able to stay on your target through your optics! Deer down!!

If hunting mule deer sounds like a great time and you plan on investing thousands of dollars for this hunt. It would pay off in the long run for you to invest some additional time to learn how to prepare for that exact same shot. There is nothing worse than spending your hard earned money, your time preparing, the effort to get into shape for hunting mule deer and then have a trophy of a lifetime present itself at a distance you are not comfortable with and no way to get any closer or even worse, taking the shot and wounding an animal that you never recover. Outdoor Solutions offers long range shooting schools in both Texas and Utah. If you would like to join us, call us at 918 258 7817.

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