Long Range Shooting Schools|Weather Matters

When it comes to long range shooting there are many variables that can come into play, this is why a long range shooting schools can be so beneficial. One of the things you have to consider is gravity. It does not matter if you are shooting one hundred yards or one thousand yards, gravity has an effect on your bullet the moment it leaves your barrel. Obviously the longer the bullet is in flight the more effect gravity will have on the bullet drop. This is why the further the distance you shoot the more elevation you have to hold or dial on your rifle optic. Our long range shooting schools teach you how to do this properly.

One of the main factors for long range shooting is the wind, it is the only constant that is constantly changing and seems to be the hardest part for any long range shooter to learn. There are multiple types of wind that include head wind, tail wind, full value wind, half value wind and even quarter value wind with each one giving you a different hold at different distances. Our long range shooting schools teach students how to read wind and mirage to help determine how strong the wind is blowing not only where they are shooting from but also at their intended target. Another thing you have to consider is what the wind is doing at the distances in between. Without training it can become quite overwhelming.

Even though they play a lessor role, the environmental can play a role in bullet flight and impact. Things such as your air density, altitude, air temperatures and even humidity to a small degree. One of the ways to factor all of these environmental is to use some type of weather meter combined with a ballistic app that will help you with the proper elevation dials and wind holds. Warmer or colder air, change in air pressure, change in altitude and humidity will all effect how the bullet flies and the drag created on the bullet once it leaves the rifle. Without proper training this can result in a missed target or if you are hunting a missed or wounded animal.

One of the best ways to do this is get training from a knowledgeable long range shooting school that can not only offer traditional known distance long range shooting but also offer you hunting scenarios that replicate what you would experience in the field on an actual hunt. Learning positions in the field of how to get steady while on the move can make the difference between a successful hunt or a wounded animal. Outdoor Solutions long range shooting schools offers just that, we have experienced instructors and years of combined hunting experience. This combination will ensure that you are ready to once you finally hit the woods or the mountains.

If you are looking for a full service long range shooting school then you need to reach out to Outdoor Solutions. We not only offer 2 full days of instruction but also provide the firearms, optics, ammunition, three nights lodging and all of your meals. Our classes are small so you will have plenty of one on one time with your instructor to make sure you receive the most out of the experience.

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