Long Range Shooting Schools|Antelope

If there was ever an animal that requires a hunter to understand the ballistics of his rifle set up at extended distances, like he would learn at our long range shooting schools, it would be the antelope. These sight gifted animals habitat range as far East as the Heartland of North America, in states like Nebraska, Oklahoma and Western Kansas but some of the more popular hunting grounds and more heavily populated includes states like New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Montana and Wyoming to name a few. You can find them in the open plains of just about any Western state, we’ve even had to slow down on the interstate driving through Wyoming earlier this year for fear that one might decide to jump out in front of us as it grazed alongside the highway.

Antelope mostly tend to travel in groups and are probably one of the easiest game animals to spot when out hunting. Their bright white rumps do not do them any favors when it comes to concealment. They can often be seen with the naked eye but just because you can see them does not mean that you can get right up on them for an easy shot. Two advantages the antelope have; one is their habitat is the wide open prairie and sage brush flats, so even though they have nothing to hide behind except maybe a rolling hill but that also means you as the hunter have nothing to hide behind. This is where the second advantage comes in, their eye sight! Antelope can see you blink from a mile away and if they have had any hunting pressure at all, they are turning the other way and utilizing their third advantage; their speed. (Which is where the nick name “Speed Goat” comes from)

We have numerous hunting clients and students that have attended our long range shooting schools that are from states out East where there shooting distance for whitetail is typically no further than one hundred yards and in a good number of cases even shorter than that. That does not mean that they don’t want to go out West to hunt antelope any less than the rest of us, it just means that they have to prepare and practice more. When they book an antelope through our Outdoor Solutions booking service, we prep them for their hunt and even recommend what gear to bring and how to prepare for the hunt, this also means letting them know that for antelope they need to be prepared to shoot out to four hundred yards and sometimes even further. Now this does not mean that all shots have to be out this far, we’ve had clients shoot antelope at less than one hundred yards but that is not the norm.

Once the initial shock wears off of how far they need to be prepared to shoot we are able to discuss what they can do to put the odds in their favor of connecting on the trophy they are after, of course our main suggestion is to attend one of Outdoor Solutions long range shooting schools, where we not only cover the basics of long range shooting on our level one class but we also cover true hunting scenarios that you will experience out in the field. Some of the thing we cover our how to get steady with shooting sticks and prevent your crosshairs from moving all over your target, we also teach you how to use the natural terrain for getting comfortable and pulling off a stable shot, this could be prone off your backpack, using deadfall or possibly a kneeling position.

If you have been looking at long range shooting schools and need one that will help you prepare for that next big hunt, you should consider utilizing Outdoor Solutions services. We have instructors that are passionate about what they do, have an extensive background in all kinds of firearms training, more importantly they are all avid hunters and enjoy helping fellow hunters prepare for going out West. Outdoor Solutions is all inclusive by providing firearm’s from Weatherby, optics from Zeiss, ammo from Hornady and even provide first class lodging and all the meals, so you do not have to worry about finding a hotel or wonder if there are good restaurants in the area. For more information call Outdoor Solutions at 918 258 7817

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